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I was tired of not being able to keep anything in my daily driver Jeep this summer because there was no security without the top on.  I decided to fabricate a lockable trunk.  I could have just bought a lockbox of some kind and bolted it down, but I wanted something that was custom fit for my Jeep and flexible for a couple of configurations.

I would have made a step-by-step Instructable, but I guess I was too lazy to take pictures during the build, so here're just the finished product pictures.

I did some extensive use (abuse?) of black spray paint on this project, so I guess I can enter it into the rattle can contest.  Happy coincidence, I suppose.


Wingmaster700 (author)2015-11-10

this is fantastic. i have trying to think of a way to solve the same problem. My concern was that with folding pieces that the tolerances within my jeep would not allow for it. I am glad to see that this idea actually works.

My next challenge is to ensure that I can still conduct all the folding necessary with a hard and soft top on. I also have a 40mm ammo can as a center console that does not allow for the complete folding forward of the rear seat. I accept the challenge though hahaha.

Thank you for the great idea!!!

abemarroquin (author)2011-11-17

this looks like a really good design!!! i may use it.. change up the material. how much did you spend all together?

Thanks; I wasn't impressed by many commercially-available solutions (and I like building stuff!). I would definitely recommend changing the material; I would have used aluminum plate had I had the funding...

It was mostly salvaged gear, so probably not more than $30ish.

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