Introduction: Jeep Wrangler License Plate Relocation Plate

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license plate relocation

Step 1: Centered

Well didn't like rear tire so i took it off then notice tailgate vent ,nasty and didn't like left license plate bracket either, decided to move to center of tailgate. Designed on auto-cad a license plate bracket out of 1/8 aluminum plate and cut it out with my homemade cnc router.

Step 2: Cnc Cutting

Picture of Cnc Cutting

cutting back plate center hole it is off center because tailgate vent hole isnot centered.

Step 3: Cutting

Cut out outer edge , separating piece

Step 4: Welding

Picture of Welding

cut top piece, installed nutrivits for license plate nuts. bent edges down on 4 sides for venting and welded edges


Rodville (author)2017-07-24

How do you light it up?

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