So you like your jeep wrangler on the bright sunny days with the top and doors off, but you'd love to ride it feet forward like a Harley? Here's how I did it on mine. 

Note the ubiquitous disclaimer: You are responsible for how you use and interpret this information. This is simply a demo of how I accomplished something on my own vehicle. I'm not responsible for what you do with yours. 

That aside, here we go!

Step 1: The Materials...

For each side, you need the following:

* One Bicycle peg
* One 5/16-18 x 2" Grade 8 bolt.
* One 5/16 Grade 8 flat washer
* One 5/16 Grade 8 split washer
<p>Cool, but I built my highway pegs to sit in the hinge so I could take them off when doors are on. They don't really get in the way leaving them on, but I worry I will somehow rip off the entire hinge</p>
i wish i can do this, but i need my left foot for the clutch... great idea tho
My Jeep is a manual transmission as well. I put my left foot out there on the highway when I'm not shifting.
Thanks for the guide man! After getting the pegs shipped and a couple trips to a bike shop and Home Depot I got mine done!
Right on! Hope you enjoy yours as much as I am mine.
Disregarding what would happen in a crash, keeping your left foot away from the pedals seems like a bad idea (and, physically speaking, probably not very comfortable).
Eh -isn't that a danger to pedestrians? Is that legal where you live?
The peg doesn't stick out nearly as much as the wheels do and sticks out just a little farther than the nerf bars underneath. Don't know that a pedestrian is going to get that close to the vehicle while it's moving. <br> <br>As far as legality, I didn't bother to check. I highly doubt there is anything nixing this. My experience is that as long as it's not messing with anyone else, I get left alone.
You gonna rig up the clutch or shifter to the peg?
That would definitely be sweet! I run with a bunch of folks who would be all over that, but unfortunately no. I'm kinda lazy with this one. :)

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