Jeff-A Cheap and Simple Ic Robot





Introduction: Jeff-A Cheap and Simple Ic Robot

Jeff took 5 weeks to compete and is a simple IC robot. Jeff's main thing is the led headlights witch come on automatically when it is dark. It works by having what is called a current see sore witch when the current is higher on the Ldrs side compare to the Variable resistors side it puts power to chip (Ua741) then puts power to the transistor (BC109)  then to the Leds. Jeff is simple to make but fiddle as you can see he is made from a sandwitch tub,If you what instructions please leave a comment below. 



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i would love a step-by-step for Jeff please.

Would be interest to build this with Scouts as part of the Robotics Badge

It would be great if u could send me the schematic diagram as

can you please send me the circuit diagram??

Cool! I want to build it and it would be awesome if there were instructions.

please! You can send me step by step how to make jeff with BOM instructions.

certainly i need instructions. Which IC to use?