Jeff the Killer Make Up *updated*





Introduction: Jeff the Killer Make Up *updated*

About: Hi I'm Wyatt I love making films and special fx oh and usually monsters

Jeff the killer is a popular character from the popular creepypasta stories online Jeff is a bully victim gone psycho and has a thirst fir blood and right before he murders his victim he says this frase than u can guess what happens next

Step 1: The Mouth

What I did was I covered my face and latex than cut the smile with scissors

Step 2: Apply Makeup

When applying put lost if red in the mouth than cover in fake blood than cover your entire face with white make up than using a paint brush make dark circle around your eyes

Step 3: Go to Sleep!!

Step 4: More Cool Picks(:



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    Thanks for the help , this'll make my job easier :)

    hey this is awesome. stop makeing it like it has to be perfect

    Hate to say it but it just looks like a bad Joker costume