Introduction: Jell-O Marshmallow Fondant

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Marshmallow fondant is already awesome, but if you add jello to it you can make it even more delicious while coloring it at the same time! Jello seems to mix in really well with the powdered sugar and gives good results for taste and look.

Step 1: Supplies

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  • 8 oz Marshmallows
  • 1 lb Powdered Sugar*
  • 3 oz Box of Jello Mix flavor of choice
  • 2 tbs Water (I never measure this but it is about this much)

Helpful Supplies:

  • Silpat Mat (This is the best thing to have when working with marshmallow fondant! So easy to clean it off!)
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Microwave

I made only 2oz at a time and then multiplied it for a whole bag of marshmallows, but if you are wondering, here is what I did for each of the colors shown:

  • 2 oz Marshmallows
  • 1/4 lb Powdered Sugar
  • 4 tsp. Jello Mix
  • Little bit of water

*I actually don't measure powdered sugar. I figure it is always going to take what it takes.

Step 2: Initial Mixing

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We are going to start off like normal, but instead of just mixing marshmallows and water, we are going to add in our jello mix.  If the jello has bigger grains, you might want to run it through a food processor.  You want this as fine as powdered sugar so it mixes in well.  Otherwise, it might come out too grainy.

I melt the mix for 50 seconds on half power, take out and stir, melt for 45 seconds on half power, and mix one more time.  If it still isn't melted, throw it in a little longer, but keep an eye on it.  It'll puff up!

Step 3: Bring on the Sugar!

Picture of Bring on the Sugar!

Mix in your sugar!  Like I said, I don't measure.  I sift in a handful at a time.  Mix it in the bowl first until it starts to form a ball.  If you leave it along for half a minute and it melts down into the bottom of the bowl, it's not ready.  Once it is mostly solid, pour it out onto your surface (a silpat mat is perfect for this) that has powdered sugar on it.  Carefully knead it while incorporating as much powdered sugar as you need.

I keep going until I can pass it between my hands about 20 times without it sticking to me.  Wrap it up and put it away until you are ready to use it.

Step 4: Use and Enjoy

Picture of Use and Enjoy

My Cherry came out kind of tough, but I'm not sure if that means I put in too much powdered sugar or if the Cherry just doesn't work well.  The taste is pretty good, not too strong.  I don't think it would hurt to add in a bit more if you want the flavor more prevalent.

I thought they all tasted great, but Berry Blue was my favorite!


cakes727 (author)2017-10-03

So good! I love what you do! Thank you for everything!

Thank you! I love to make sugary sweet things :D

sslady77575 (author)2017-02-21

I love these


KristenW6 made it! (author)2016-12-13

I'd never made fondant before - the recipe worked great. I added a tiny bit of food coloring to enhance the colors and made several different flavors. Using some cheap silicone molds I got online and cookie cutters, I used the fondant to decorate cupcakes for my daughter's 9th birthday party. Personally, I think they looked beautiful. But the jello flavors were a little too strong for the kids at the party - maybe because I mixed different colors and flavors on each cupcake? Several kids took a few bites, then peeled off and discarded the fondant and just polished off the cake. Making them was a fun learning experience - next time I think I'd make regular marshmallow fondant - thank you for this instructable!

They look fantastic!

It could be the mix of flavors. I've only used this a couple times and it was in thin layers to cover rice krispie treats. I think the more you have the stronger and sugarier it gets. Using thinner layers might help too or using some plain/dyed fondant and some jello.

Srb80 (author)2016-10-30

How do you make black or silver fondant? I hate adding food coloring

Penolopy Bulnick (author)Srb802016-10-31

I'm not sure how to dye it without using food coloring. You could try squid ink for black, but I don't think there is a natural way to get silver, unfortunately.

Srb80 (author)Penolopy Bulnick2016-11-06

I looked it up, they said to mix 3 equal parts of grape jello (3-3oz packages) to 1 part orange jello (1-3oz package) to make I will try that...thank you for responding :-)

Penolopy Bulnick (author)Srb802016-11-07

Interesting. Thanks for sharing that. I didn't know you could mix any of the jellos to make black, but the color mix make sense :)

zowi420 made it! (author)2016-06-24

It came out great, thank you

Penolopy Bulnick (author)zowi4202016-06-24

Awesome! Those are such great, bright colors!

How can I down load a vido of this so I can see how its made ty x

I'm sorry, but I didn't make a video when I made my fondant. You can probably find videos for normal Marshmallow Fondant on Youtube :)

VirginiaJ5 (author)2016-04-12

How long does it keep and how do you store it?

veronicap24 (author)VirginiaJ52016-06-03

did you find out how to store? does it go in the fridge

mrstan (author)VirginiaJ52016-04-27

I keep it in my tummy... LOL never makes it past consumption...

You store it by either putting it in an airtight container or a zip lock bag and in a dry location. It should keep for a while since there isn't anything that goes bad in it, but the sooner you use it, the better quality it will be. I'd guess at least a week.

babybayrs (author)2016-04-14

So this is how to make edible playdough?!

I think you could think of it as an edible playdough. I think there are a variety of recipes out there :)

spark master (author)2016-04-12

all my filling hurt just reading the this!!!

:) It does seem overwhelming, but it is supposed to be flattened and put on a cake rather than just being eaten as is, which makes it a bit less so. (Though I've just eaten it because I can't help myself)

I know a few friends that would toss the cake and only eat the icing, the cake is the excuse. It the icing is chocalote bars cream and butter with extra sugar, they will easily spoon it in w/o the bothersome cake!

On my not so distant last birthday my kid took a very chocolatey Trader Joes loaf , split it put in TJ's pudding (very close to my recipe :) then topped it with powder sugar. I liked that and oly suggested , next time slice it as normal and plop some pudding on top at service, like a la mode!

As kids my mom would not make icing, partially as my dad and others would scrape and toss the stuff, partially because it was a waste of very expensive sugar and butter.

But here we need to do more so I suggest.

take a nice vanilla pound cake, slice pieces, but make one thick one thin. Butter the bottom with thicker pudding and maybe a schmear of SEEDLESS raspberry jam, (I hate seeds in jam, put that on first, then pudding), put on the thin slice as topper and use a fondant with cherry or raspberry jello, now you have filled snack cakes.

Another Tasty choice would be nutella and raspberry. If you are a hime baker, not assembler make a cherry or peach or strawberry cake then add appropriate centers, of jam, chocolate, nuts.

Heck how about a snack sized Black Forest cake. To heck with freaking , Cringeees, Twinkies, I mean Twinkie's Bring on the "bricks"

C'mon, ya know you wanna make them!!!!!

my teeth still hurt. I put real sugar in my coffee :-)

icii101 (author)2015-01-16

What can add to make it softer..? It keeps cracking and the textures rips off easily when stretching. It seems so easy what could I possibly done wrong? Lol

HollyHarken (author)icii1012016-04-12

You might want to try this instructable to help make your fondant better.

You could use a bit of Crisco shortening. I usually rub it on my hands and massage it in - it makes the fondant a bit more pliable. It might also be that you added too much sugar which makes it too dry.

Penolopy Bulnick (author)icii1012015-01-16

It probably just has too much powdered sugar. Hmm, you might be able to add in water or melted marshmallows, but I'm not sure if it is very easy to go from dry to soft/flexible.

diplocase (author)2016-04-12

I make gingerbread houses every Christmas. The traditional rule is, only eatable materials! So I often use fondant for a carpet of snow on the ground and rooftop. Once I kneaded shredded coconut into the 'snow' for a nice texture. Fondant can be formed into all kinds of things for the house, like a snow man or trees. But with this recipe, now I can make snow that's more TASTY! (No point in following the 'only eatable materials rule' and then not eating the house after the holidays!)

Using it with a gingerbread house is a good idea :) I never thought of using it as snow. I did use it to make a tree once when I had some left over from another project :)

VirginiaJ5 (author)2016-04-12

I recommend getting marshmallows that you like the taste and texture of. I found store brands are not as good and quite cloying. I use the brand name Jet Puffed (available in my area) which are consistently good quality. Also, if you are really into confectionary, has a recipe for marshmallows that seems easy to do. I think the stabilizing factor in both marshmallows and Jell-O is gelatin.

VirginiaJ5 (author)VirginiaJ52016-04-12

King Arthur Flour:

ArticAkita (author)2016-02-29

this is exciting in the world of potential cake makers everywhere! I personally think the trading buttercreme has met it's match with JELLO! if the fondant is to be blue it should taste of rewarding juicy berry not dull buttercreme! same as orange should be orange & green should be lime! mm mm now I made myself think of a 3D lemon shaped cake with lemon fondant!

A lemon cake with lemon fondant sounds delicious!

PatrīcijaK (author)2016-02-23

Ludzu vari pateikt kur var pasūtīt jell-o

Atkarībā no tā, kur jūs dzīvojat, jums vajadzētu spēt atrast to pārtikas preču veikalā vai internetā, piemēram,

JuL6 (author)2016-01-14

I was so glad to find this recipe after about an hour of digging in the net. I just did a trial run and it went wonderfuly! I have never done any kind of fondant before but always make my own layer cakes and frosting. So I thought I'd try this for my daughters bday this year. I made the small batch to be sure. After reading some comments I wanted to add mine! I used half a cup of powdered sugar total, I made the small batch. Also, I used store brand marshmallow creme. It had no shine to it either, but I didn't need to kneed it long. My mallow jello mix was lumpy at first and I realized when it was done, I forgot the water. But microwaving for five more minutes after mixing, it was smooth as melted marshmallows :) I will post again after I make the birthday cake!

JuL6 (author)JuL62016-01-27

I meant that to say five seconds at a time and I whisked it to get lumps out.. Also I am unable to upload a pic :( will keep trying!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)JuL62016-01-14

That's all great to hear :) I'm glad you got it to work and marshmallow creme sounds like it would work quite well! Looking forward to seeing the birthday cake!

cgarcia51 (author)2016-01-19

I've been looking for a tasty fondant as when I get an order for a cake, it's either buttercream or stablized whipped cream frosting. Sometimes, I want to show what I can do with Fondant but almost everyone give a "but fondant is nasty tasting" look. So I'm trying this one. Thank you for the idea.

I think you'll like this one. I've honestly not had normal fondant, but I always hear the same thing about it. But I do know I like this one. As long as you like sugar and jello, this one should work for you :)

Sweetqt604 made it! (author)2015-11-20

I made the green jello fondant for this cake, it taste exactly like the name "jello marshmellow" but not all the jello dissolved tho, maybe I need to grind it next time. Will use again and again.

That looks great! Grinding might help, otherwise you just might need to microwave it more making sure to take breaks to mix it up. If the water gets hot enough, it should dissolve it, but all jello is going to do what it wants :)

WendyM42 (author)2015-11-18

I have made mmf using strawberry jello but it didn't completely dissolve and is gritty, did I do something wrong? is it fixable?

It should disolve. Did you add the water, jello and marshmallows and then microwave it? It's the heat and the water that helps it disolve.

no I actually followed a different recipe but same ingredients and I added the jello to the melted marshmallow, then I found this one.

Ah, yeah, you need to mix up everything before you microwave. Then it should dissolve.

ok thanks for the reply, I will have to make a new one.

AngelaB63 (author)2015-11-08

Does it taste like the jello or does the jello just add color?

It does add taste as well. If you want it stronger, you can add in more jell-o too :)

BeckyP7 (author)2015-08-26

I going to try this

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