Marshmallow fondant is already awesome, but if you add jello to it you can make it even more delicious while coloring it at the same time!  Jello seems to mix in really well with the powdered sugar and gives good results for taste and look.

Step 1: Supplies


  • 8 oz Marshmallows
  • 1 lb Powdered Sugar*
  • 3 oz Box of Jello Mix flavor of choice
  • 2 tbs Water (I never measure this but it is about this much)

Helpful Supplies:

  • Silpat Mat (This is the best thing to have when working with marshmallow fondant! So easy to clean it off!)
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Microwave

I made only 2oz at a time and then multiplied it for a whole bag of marshmallows, but if you are wondering, here is what I did for each of the colors shown:

  • 2 oz Marshmallows
  • 1/4 lb Powdered Sugar
  • 4 tsp. Jello Mix
  • Little bit of water

*I actually don't measure powdered sugar. I figure it is always going to take what it takes.

I going to try this
<p>i just made this without the jello, i had to buy 3 bags of powdered sugar i made enough fondant for 6 cakes lol</p><p>1. blue is the homemade fondant</p><p>2. red is the 1st one ever made with fondant</p>
<p>Those look great! Marshmallow fondant is pretty awesome just on its own :)</p>
<p>im going to try this for my grand daughter birthday she wants frozen and the blue will be just right thank you </p>
What can add to make it softer..? It keeps cracking and the textures rips off easily when stretching. It seems so easy what could I possibly done wrong? Lol
<p>You could use a bit of Crisco shortening. I usually rub it on my hands and massage it in - it makes the fondant a bit more pliable. It might also be that you added too much sugar which makes it too dry.</p>
<p>It probably just has too much powdered sugar. Hmm, you might be able to add in water or melted marshmallows, but I'm not sure if it is very easy to go from dry to soft/flexible. </p>
<p>Most of the marshmallow recipes that I've made have either butter or shortening in them so I added some to your recipe to make the consistency more like the marshmallow fondant recipes that I've used in the past. I think if I make it again, I'll try heating the water and jello a little first to dissolve the sugar and then adding the marshmallows. This is a fun recipe to add color and flavor. </p>
Had to vary the recipe a little, but over all, a good recipe
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<p>can you use this to make regular fondant? Just like not adding the jello</p>
<p>If you make it without jello it will be regular marshmallow fondant. It won't be the same as the fondant you buy in the store. Many people have said store fondant which is considered basic fondant doesn't taste as good, but I have not tried it. Regular marshmallow fondant is good. You can also make it <a target="_blank" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Chocolate-Marshmallow-Fondant/">chocolate flavored</a>. </p>
Do you have to let it sit overnight or can you use it right away?
<p>I've done both. I've read you should let it sit overnight, but I don't always have the time. I do when I can, but I don't feel it is absolutly necessary. Sometimes it helps to just have it sit for a while. When I'm going to make something with it, I usually make the fondant, set it aside, make whatever I want to put it on, then use it.</p>
<p>Hi,</p><p>Have anyone ever tried to flavor their marshmallow fondant with Kool-Aid? I've never tried it, but it seems like it would add a lot of flavor without the sweetness.</p>
<p>I have not tried myself, but I think it would work well :) Just need to get the proportions right. Though, honestly, with the marshmallows and all the powdered sugar in it, you probably won't be able to avoid the sweetness too much :P</p>
My bag of marshmallows is 10oz. What adjustments do I need to make?
<p>I think you would just times these by 5, so about 20 tsp jello (which should be almost a full box) and about 1 and 1/4 pound of powdered sugar.</p><ul><li> <br /> 2 oz Marshmallows</li><li> <br /> 1/4 lb Powdered Sugar</li><li> <br /> 4 tsp. Jello Mix</li></ul>
<p>Hi! Other than the microwave, is there another alternative for me to use? Can I use a double boiler?</p><p>Thank you and more power!</p>
<p>yes!!!there is another alternative to microwave.. you may place the marshmallow in a saucepan under a casserole with a boiling water :) just shown in the image below :)<br>hope it will make your recipe better..</p>
<p>I've made marshmallow fondant before and, while it tastes much better and is much more affordable than store-bought fondant, it has a shiny-ness to it that I'm not as fond of. Do you find that this jello recipe fondant has a shine, or is it more matte like store-bought fondant? Thanks! neat idea! </p>
<p>As a decorater, we always mist the fondant with water and use a very soft brissle brush to make it shine. Ive never made this Marshmallow Fondant, but plan to for both my boys birthday cakes this November. I'll have to test the water on some before I set the cakes up.</p>
<p>I haven't noticed the shinyness of the marshmallow fondant really before. It always seems to need to be coated with powdered sugar to stop it from sticking so I feel like that prevents it from being shiny. But I would say that this fondant acts and looks just like normal marshmallow fondant.</p>
<p>Hmmm, I was following a recipe, and that was the result every time. Maybe I wasn't using enough powdered sugar. Thanks! </p>
<p>Yeah, I'm not sure, but I know the more you handle it the shinier it is and also if you try to put it in the fridge and then take it out it will get shiny.</p>
<p>This looks like such a great idea! I've never used the packaged stuff because it looks gross. Do you think this could be molded into shapes for cake toppers? Any idea how long it would last or how it should be stored before use? I don't care if it dries hard but I just would want to avoid cracks. Thanks!!!!!</p>
<p>You can mold it. It should retain it's shape. I'm not sure how long it will last but it is just a bunch of sugar so I would say at least a week. I've kept it for a while, but you can't really work with it after so long, unless you add more liquid I would assume. You just need to store it somewhere dry, not the fridge. You probably don't want it open to the elements since it would probably attract bugs. Hope that helps!</p>
<p>You can use flavored marshmellows, my kids like the chocolate ones and smores :)</p>
<p>The only Jello that is available to me here, is the cube kind, not the powdered one, does that work as well ?</p>
<p>I don't think it will. I think it needs to be powder in order to mix in.</p>
<p>Easy enough to make but I found it difficult to roll out thin enough, taste was extremely sweet so it didn't get eaten. I will use the leftover for flowers or figures... </p>
<p>I found this on Lifehacker, so I guess that makes you more famous that you already are, good work on this instructable. Your other ones are well done also well the ones I looked at anyway, maybe some are bad and I just didn't see those, but anyway have you ever covered a cake in this type of fondant because that would make for a great instructable as I have a child that is requiring a cake. I plan to make your fondant this weekend as a test run. I'm sure I could find how to cover a cake on the internets with the Google but then...I don't know where I was going with this. </p>
<p>Is there a printer friendly version mot my computer so don't want to down load</p>
<p>I've never had a fondant, but the texture looks interesting and I'd like to try...but...but...but..... does it taste (or feel) like a circus peanut? </p>
<p>Kind of related to this -- when I was 8, I wanted a marshmallow frosted chocolate ice cream cake.</p><p>It turns out that the marshmallow coating becomes bulletproof when put into the freezer -- my dad had to cut the cake with a crosscut saw (even hacking at it with a cleaver didn't slice it). 4 slices, done. I wonder if Jello would make it a little more easily managed...</p>
This is awesome 'cause sometimes marshmallow fondant is a little bland, you know, so it's nice to give it a little sweetness : ) <br><br>I'll bet my kids will love this... have to give it a try.
Awesome it looks deliciois
<p>Have you ever tried an instant Jello pudding mix with the marshmallow fondant? I was thinking like banana or chocolate flavor pudding? I like the idea of adding the jello! Also, running the jello through a coffee bean grinder to get it more powdery texture would work great!</p>
Gel or paste food coloring will work the best for making the colors more vibrant. Although, you should wear protective gloves (preferably non-latex to avoid allergic reactions) unless you really love the color you are using as it will also dye your skin.<br><br>To get around the Jell-O granuals being too large, try &quot;blooming&quot; it in the water for a minute or two. This would become your first step; adding the marshmallows and microwaving it becomes the next step. Make sure the water is towards the warm/hot side so the Jell-O dissolves. <br><br>Blooming is the process of dissolving gelatin in warm/hot water so rubbery &quot;clumps&quot; aren't left behind. Sprinkle it over the surface of the water rather than dumping it all in at once. This will allow all the gelatin to contact with the water and dissolve.<br><br>Hope this info is helpful. Great instructions!
<p>Thanks for the follow :)</p><p>Your stuff looks awesome!</p>
<p>I always make my own marshmallow fondant. I will definitely try this. I'm sure the flavors are great! Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>this looks delcious!!! I love marshmallow fondant..this looks even better!</p>
<p>I have been a decorator for years and DO NOT LIKE any of the FONDANT I have tried! I am going to do this and hope it is as good as it sounds. Thanks so much for sharing!!! </p>
<p>Most people I've heard from that hate fondant, like Marshmallow fondant. You of course need to like marshmallows and sugar though :) Hope you enjoy!</p>

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