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In this instructable I will show you how to make homeade Jello Lipbalm. Its an easy, flavorful, and inexpensive way to make your own lipbalm! I got the idea from a Youtube video where someone makes homeade lipbalm with Jello. In my version I use different tools to melt the pertroleum jelly and I use another flavor of jello. Hope this is helpful.(: **WARNING** Petroleum jelly will burn skin if contacted, recommened adult supervision.
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Step 1: Collect Materials

Picture of Collect Materials
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for the lip balm you will need: Any flavor of Jello(I chose Cherry Limeade) and Petroleum jelly
supplies: pot, spoon, container, and ladle
extra supplies; glue gun and knick knacks

Step 2: Boil it

Picture of Boil it
Before you do anything else you'll have to boil your water so when its time to use it it'll already be boiled.

Step 3: Petroleum jelly into gourd

Picture of Petroleum jelly into gourd
Squeeze the jelly into the ladle, squeeze in enough that will fill in the container.

Step 4: Melt it

Picture of Melt it
Place the ladle into the boiling water and watch it slowly melt. *heat protected gloves recommened*

Step 5: Jello mixture

Picture of Jello mixture
Using the spoon as your meaurement, just pour in the jello onto the spoon until the spoon gets filled.

Step 6: Pour in Jello

Picture of Pour in Jello
Carefully pour the jello in.

Step 7: Stir it up

Picture of Stir it up
Stir in the jello until it begins to blend with the melted petroleum jelly.

Step 8: Pour it in!

Picture of Pour it in!
here you just pour in the liquid into the small container, but becareful it might be a little hot!

Step 9: Cool it down

Picture of Cool it down
intructable pics 012.jpg
After you have poured the liquid and your waiting for it to cool you can do an extra step and decorate your container. This is when you put the knick knacks to use, you begin by heating your glue gun and then putting a dot whenever on the lid and you insert the knick knack, now your lip balm can have a little bling;)

Step 10: Your Finished!

Picture of Your Finished!
And thats it, now you have a sweet homemade lipbalm to use whenever your lips feel a lil chapped!(:

This looks like a great and simple recipe! I was just wondering whether you have the exact measurements for the amount of Jell-O and petroleum jelly you used. Thanks!

i didn't under stand?

thats so cool

GrammaKx71 year ago
I think I will make some as my granddaughter's birthday party favor. That would be quick and easy to do. Thanks for the great recipe!
Ooh, yum!