In this instructable I will show you how to make homeade Jello Lipbalm. Its an easy, flavorful, and inexpensive way to make your own lipbalm! I got the idea from a Youtube video where someone makes homeade lipbalm with Jello. In my version I use different tools to melt the pertroleum jelly and I use another flavor of jello. Hope this is helpful.(: **WARNING** Petroleum jelly will burn skin if contacted, recommened adult supervision.

Step 1: Collect Materials

for the lip balm you will need: Any flavor of Jello(I chose Cherry Limeade) and Petroleum jelly
supplies: pot, spoon, container, and ladle
extra supplies; glue gun and knick knacks
<p>I have a question. You said you used petroleum jelly, but then you said petroleum jelly burns. So, is it safe to use petroleum jelly? Thanks?</p>
<p>Very nice and easy </p>
<p>This looks like a great and simple recipe! I was just wondering whether you have the exact measurements for the amount of Jell-O and petroleum jelly you used. Thanks!</p>
<p>i didn't under stand?</p>
<p>thats so cool</p>
I think I will make some as my granddaughter's birthday party favor. That would be quick and easy to do. Thanks for the great recipe!
Ooh, yum!

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