Jello Peanut Butter Surprise

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Introduction: Jello Peanut Butter Surprise

Materials: Sugar free jello Whipped cream Peanut butter cookies

Step 1: Jello Step

Use a fork to gently scoop out your jello!!!

Step 2: The Whipped Cream Step

Pour as much whipped cream as you feel is needed into the bowl with the jello!!!

Step 3: Mix It Up

Mix and mash this wonderful surprise until the whipped cream turns a pink color!!!!!

Step 4: Crush It

Now,add the cookies!! crush the cookies with hands into small pieces.

Step 5: Enjoy

Take your fork/spoon and dig in!!!!!!!!



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Questions & Answers


Hey Katie you should try it me and Kelsey made it in taste really good

Hi jess it's Katie....can't wait to try it!

Every one should try this. Those cookie are Oreos dipped and chocolate. Weird thing we bought them like that.

I know but taste great