Jello TOILET Prank





Introduction: Jello TOILET Prank

This prank consists of filling the toilet full of jello (normal water line) and when someone tries to pee it splashes back at them!!!

Step 1: Things You Need!

First you will need 2-4 packs( you may need more my bowl in my toilet only needed 3) of clear jello (clear so it blends in with the water of the bowl).
Next you will need a wooden spoon, you wont want to reuse this spoon!!!! (or a large stick 5-6in long)
This is it!!!! Less then $10 bucks!


You will need to get the person you are pranking out of the house so you can do you evil works!
So lets get started...
First get the bowl half full of water so you can make room for the jello. (it would look odd if it was all t he way up to the rim)!
Now add the jello, string as you go it will be come lumpy if you don't do it right. 
Last let it harden(2-3 hours= perfect) and add a plastic rap over the top of it to make sure it hardens right.

Step 3: Watch the Magic!!

Now you evil friend/boyfriend/girlfriend. Its time to hear for the sreeks of surprise!!!! You have now done the prank plz vote and add comments!!! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO VOTED FOR ME!!!!



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    You want to explain why you'd want to do this in your own toilet? How are you supposed to clean it out?

    might do this at school.... if i can get some friends on board i can get every floor and every gender...... trolololololololo

    He man did you end up doing it at school??

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    это лучший рецепт ,автору это туда же

    The other way of shifting jello is to use something to break it up. Then add a mix of water and BIOLOGICAL washing power/ liquid and leave it to sit for a while.

    Biological washing power contains enzymes called proteases which break down protein. Jello is made from geletine which is a protein. So...

    You can also use fresh pineapple juice. Pineapple also contains protease (that's why jello won't set if you add fresh pineapple to it) .It has to be non-pastuerised because the heating to pasteurise it also destroys the proteases.

    What happens when they flush? Wouldn't that break the jelly (I'm in Australia so it's the same thing) or if it doesn't won't it clog the drain and make a huge mess (the preferable option for a pranker)?

    your right even i think some pranks are too far

    obviously you're a little thick, much like the jelly. i am asking thus: if you flush the toilet, will the jelly (jello) break and make the prank single use (no more jelly in the toilet bowl after flushing) or will it block the drain and thus make it overflow all over the floor?