Step 2: Prepare the Bowl

Prepare the bowl!
  1. Grab your bowl or tub you will be putting the jello in
  2. Grab the cling film and get a piece big enough to fit over the whole tub
  3. Shape it into the bowl
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<p>i did it with my moms i phone</p>
<p>really? won't you wreck it?</p>
no, i put it in a bag and did it XD
<p>i made it and my kids freaked out, it was funny while it lasted</p><p>mental note 1 always have a spare remote</p><p>2 never stop your kids from the tv</p>
Stuff in JELLO, classic. But, doesn't the gelatin get into the remote before it sets? How do you get the JELLO out after the prank?!
You rap cling rap over the remote.
<p>how does one rap &quot;cling wrap&quot; over said remote?</p>
The jello will ruin the remote.
Yeah, A TOTALLY ruined remote!!! I would do this, but first I would put the remote in a plastic baggie, squeeze the air out, and seal! That's all I can think of
thats one ruined remote

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