Picture of Quilting - make a Jelly Roll Rail Fence
Use Jelly Roll strips to piece this reversible quilt-as-you-go project. Designed by Fiona Law, made by Sally Stevens and Sadie Yeomans, from an article on


Note that the requirements are based on fabrics with a minimum usable width of 42in

    One Jelly Roll
    2.2m (2 1⁄2yd) backing fabric
    1m (1 1⁄8yd) for front joining strips
    70cm (3⁄4yd) for back joining strips
    1.2m (1 3⁄8yd) of 90in wide wadding or use leftover pieces: minimum 10 1⁄2in square. See section 'Cutting instructions' Step 2.

Finished Size

Approx 130 x 158cm (52 1⁄2 x 63in) based on a 10 1⁄2in block

Step 1: Cutting Instructions

1.  Cut the Jelly Roll strips into 10 1⁄2in lengths – you should get four from each Jelly Roll strip. You will need a total of 150 lengths.
2.  From both the backing fabric and the wadding, carefully cut thirty 10 1⁄2in squares.
3.  From the front joining strip fabric, carefully cut twenty 1 3⁄4in wide strips across the width of the fabric.
4.  From the back joining strip fabric, carefully cut twenty 1 1⁄8in wide strips across the width of the fabric.

Step 2:

Picture of
1.  Place a backing fabric square right side down, place a wadding square on top of it and then, right side up, place a Jelly Roll strip wrong side down on top of the wadding, matching up the lower and side edges with the wadding.
2.  Place a second Jelly Roll strip right side down on top of the first strip. Using a 1⁄4in seam, join on the long edge nearest to the centre of the block. Open out and press. Right sides together and matching up the raw edges, place a third Jelly Roll strip on top of the second strip and stitch in place. Continue working in this way until the wadding is covered – you will need five strips. See Figure 1
3.  Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until you have made thirty blocks.
4.  All the blocks need to be the same size and must be true squares, so trim if necessary.
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