On a recent trip to the beach, my wife and I were browsing through a local store and saw these jellyfish-inspired air plants made with sea urchin shells. Of course, I immediately started thinking about how to create a jellyfish project of my own in the woodshop.


One piece of wood for the body 3" x 6" I used Osage Orange

One piece for the base 14" x 12" I used Maple Burl

Eight pieces for the outside tentacles 1/4" x 10" I used Myrtlewood

Fore pieces for the inside tentacles 1" x 8" I used Myrtlewood

One piece of amber acrylic rod 1" x 14"

One piece of blue acrylic 4" x 4"

One set of LED lights



Oscillating spindle sander

Drill and drill bits

Easy Wood Finisher

Easy Wood Rougher

Parting tool

Bowl gouge

Skew chisel

Sand paper


Blow torch

Flush cut saw

Belt sander

air rotary tool

Step 1: Planning

I started planning in earnest once I got back to the shop. I decided on maple burl for the base. The piece I used looks like coral or a rocky sea floor and adds some atmosphere to the finished lamp. The head is made from Osage Orange and rounded to a graceful curve. To connect the two, I used a rod made of amber acrylic, which was turned down to size, sanded, and then bent using a propane torch to carefully soften the middle section. Again, I was trying to obtain an organic feel, so a gradual curve is important. The tentacles are made from myrtlewood that I carved on the bandsaw and shaped using an oscillating spindle sander. I made several more intricate inner tentacles using the lathe to cut a spiral shape.

Flawless execution.
Very cool smart and creative love it
<p>Thank you so much!! </p>
<p>This is awesome keep up your amazing work.</p>
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you're good at it!! (thumbs up)
<p>Thank you very much Julienne!! </p>
<p>What kind of an accent does it have ? British or Scottish ? ;)</p><p>Great project and very well detailed!</p>
<p>German......lol Thank you! </p>
You're here as well <br>BTW really nice Lamp ?☺
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<p>That looks really impressive, very well done.</p>
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