Introduction: A Jellyfish Made Out of a Recycled Plastic Keg

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Jellyfish seems to be a very dangerous animal for us. But plastic is much more dangerous for our oceans.

Don't you think so?.

Sometimes, turtles eat plastic bags because they look like jellyfish. Isn't it dangerous?.

Plastic bottles can last for several years in our oceans, polluting the sea and becoming a poisonous food for fishes.

The jellyfish of this project is made out of recycled plastic kegs.

Before, the keg use be a craft beer container..After, it look like a jellyfishe.

With this project we can give a second life recycling plastic. It's not a real life, they do not breathe. But, if we watch them, we can think about how dangerous could be plastic trash in our oceans.

Wich one do you think that is more dangerous?

Jellyfishes or plastic bottles?

Step 1: Step-by-step Summary

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Step 2: Preparing the Plastic Keg - Barrel

Picture of Preparing the Plastic Keg - Barrel

We will remove the top and the bottom of the keg.

We will cut strips from the base to the top.

With a cooking torch, we will apply heat in order to make the tentacles. They will take curly shapes.

Step 3: Jellyfish

Picture of Jellyfish

The jellyfish is ready to be hung. They can decorate an aquarium, Or hanging from the ceiling, it may look like a flying jellyfish

Step 4: Other Jellyfish Shapes

Picture of Other Jellyfish Shapes

Step 5: Flying Jellyfish

Picture of Flying Jellyfish

Step 6: Jellyfish in the Sea

Picture of Jellyfish in the Sea

I can dream that may jellyfish has a real life, but it's just my immagination.

Plastic is more dangerous for the oceans than jellyfish.

What do you think?

Step 7:

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The step by step illustration is made by Jaime

Step 8:


38ren (author)2017-06-29

Wow...interesting and creative method with the torch to get shrinking and a cool effect! Also did you draw that little illustration, if so it's adorable :)

RosaMontesa (author)38ren2017-06-30

Hi!! Thanks for your comment. The illustration is made by one of my favourite artists. His name is Jaime, he's 16 years old

studleylee (author)2017-06-29

This looks really cool!!!!!

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