Jenga Pistol V2




Introduction: Jenga Pistol V2

I don't know why I'm making an instructable for this one, but I am. I guess it's the boredom of a bland summer...anyways, this is the other version of that Jenga pistol thingy I was talking about before. I prefer this one, even though I didn't work on it enough to make it pretty and whatnot, because it's more reliable. Also, the trigger mech is just wack; I don't even know what I was doing with it lol- But it works! Once again, THIS IS NOT A K'NEX GUN! I say this because I don't think the other one was allowed in the toy contest because the mods probably thought it was a gun or something, which kind of sucks. It is meant to be used with Jenga building blocks, as seen in this video: 

So yeah. Different bolt, different rail, different catch, different look. I don't think I'll really delve further with the pics, because I doubt anyone wants it lol.



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Damnit, I made this a full Instructable on accident! >.> oh jeez, here comes the robot...

thats cool! does it realy helps you by playing jenga?

I never got a chance to test mine out, but if you watch the video I embedded then you can see it in action and yes, it helps out quite a bit :P

ok, that's cool! i saw the video, and that looked cool, to bad i can't play jenga at home, than this gun would be realy epic

Is there a reason you specifically cannot play Jenga at home? Or do you just not have it?

I figured as much. Neither do I, but I hope to get some at one point or another :P

Thats epic =D

no prob =D