Step 3: Vertical Jenga

"Dude, that's totally not going to work" was the first words out of my friends mouth. After 2 minutes of setup I had completed the vertical tower of Jenga and it was game on!

This version is played the same as regular Jenga, though a bit more though it required to select the block you wish to remove. Restack the removed blocks on the top repeating the stacking pattern. I challenge anyone to stack up 3 more levels on this version, we came close.
I kept seeing the eggs in the pictures and was hoping you were going to incorporate them to up the ante. Could be fun to perch it on top- potentially adding more drama to the game. Jenga rules.
you have to balance the egg in a spoon that you hold in your mouth while playing( or trying to play) vertical jenga.
lol...no, you put the egg in the negative space in the top of the tower!
mmm. breakfast jenga. or bacon jenga?
vertical jenga O,..,O! holy crap mate.....youve taken the game into the realm of *insanity*.....congratz! ^,..,^
I have played a drinking game version of Jenga. Each block has an instruction written on it of something you have to eat, drink, or do. (such as kiss someone in the party or remove an item of clothing, etc.) Whichever block you pull out, you have to do what's written on it. You can't see the writing until you pull it out.
lol....that has the potential of getting *very* naughty. ^,..,^
<a href="http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/games/cdbc/" rel="nofollow">Mario Jenga</a> <br /> Something I found online once.<br /> <br />
The vertical version looks sweet. Thanks for the ideas!

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