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So I have an Arduino Uno lying around and I could not think of any projects except for the ones bundled in the software.

I decided to build a traffic light instead, the catch is that instead of the normal timed change of LED's, I wanted to read the status of our continuous integration server (Jenkins).

Of all tutorials I found on the www, not a single one worked out of the box, so I decided to break it down to it's simplest form and take it from there.

Step 1: Required Items

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  1. Arduino (I made use of the UNO V3 but any should work. {Please correct me if I'm wrong.})
  2. Bread Board
  3. Bread Board Jumper Cables
  4. LED's (Red, Yellow, Green)
  5. Resistors (180 Ohm is perfect. {Bands: Brown, Grey, Brown})


  1. PyCharm (by Jetbrains)
  2. Arduino

Please follow the individual applications install details as set out on their respective websites.

Step 2: Creating the Python Script (PyCharm)

Once PyCharm has been installed on yout computer, copy and paste the following code:

>>> Copy everything below this line <<<

import json
import sys import urllib2 import time import serial # Configurations ping_server = 30 jenkins_jobs=["Your Job Name Here"] ser = serial.Serial('COM3', 9600) # Arduino Configuration SUCCESS = 'b' FAILURE = 'r' BUILDING = 'a' UNSTABLE = 'y' time.sleep(5) def get_status(jobName): jenkinsUrl = "http://Your Jenkins Server:Port/job/" try: jenkinsStream = urllib2.urlopen( jenkinsUrl + jobName + "/lastBuild/api/json" ) except urllib2.HTTPError, e: print "URL Error: " + str(e.code) print " (job name [" + jobName + "] probably wrong)" sys.exit(2) try: buildStatusJson = json.load( jenkinsStream ) except: print "Failed to parse json" sys.exit(3) return jobName,buildStatusJson["timestamp"], buildStatusJson["result"], while(1): for job in jenkins_jobs: status = get_status(job) # print status[0], status[2] if status[2] == "UNSTABLE": ser.write(UNSTABLE) elif status[2] == "SUCCESS": ser.write(SUCCESS) elif status[2] == "FAILURE": ser.write(FAILURE) elif status[2] == None: ser.write(BUILDING) time.sleep(ping_server)


On Windows 7, the Arduinos COM port number can be seen under the device manager.

Step 3: Creating the Arduino Script (Arduino)

Simply copy and paste the following code into the Arduino Application and upload it to the device.

int incomingByte = 0; // for incoming serial data

void setup() { // Green pinMode(12, OUTPUT);

// Yellow pinMode(11, OUTPUT);

// Red pinMode(10, OUTPUT);

Serial.begin(9600); // opens serial port, sets data rate to 9600 bps }

void loop() {

if (Serial.available() > 0) { incomingByte =; } if (incomingByte == 'b') { green(); } else if (incomingByte == 'y') { yellow(); } else if (incomingByte == 'r') { red(); } else if (incomingByte == 'all') { all(); } }

void green() { digitalWrite(12, HIGH); digitalWrite(11, LOW); digitalWrite(10, LOW); delay(1000); }

void yellow() { digitalWrite(12, LOW); digitalWrite(11, HIGH); digitalWrite(10, LOW); delay(1000); }

void red() { digitalWrite(12, LOW); digitalWrite(11, LOW); digitalWrite(10, HIGH); delay(1000); }

void all() { digitalWrite(12, HIGH); digitalWrite(11, HIGH); digitalWrite(10, HIGH); delay(1000); }

Step 4: Connecting the Hardware

Picture of Connecting the Hardware

Following the diagram should suffice. :)

Step 5: Setup in Action!

Picture of Setup in Action!

If the build Passed, The green LED is activated

If the build Passed but had issues of any kind making it unstable,, The Yellow LED is activated.

If the build failed, The Red LED is activated.

If the build is currently being built, All LED's are activated.

And that's it.

My views for the future on this project is to make a custom mould to house the Circuitry.

I hope you will have as much fun as I had with this project.



c_gretzki (author)2015-05-26

Nice post!

My version with toy signal light and without python script:

OrrinG (author)c_gretzki2016-03-04

I Like it!

Well done man!! Also love your web page :D

c_gretzki (author)2015-05-26

Andrey Kh made it! (author)2014-11-04

I did same but with my java client, sources -

OrrinG (author)Andrey Kh2014-11-04

Wow! Never thought that someone would go on on this.

One thing I have to note/explain, I see in the Arduino file that you changes the "if (incomingByte == 'g') { green()} where I had it as 'b'

The reason was that by default on Jenkins, that is set as Blue, hence the b. Initially, I also had it as 'g', but this started causing an error for some reason whenever we instated some plugins on Jenkins we used to use. Hopefully by now, that bug has been sorted out.

Have you tried building a breakout board to run the ATMega328 chip alone instead of making use of the entire arduino itself?

If you want to do that, let me know, I'll create another instructable showing how to do that. :)

Glad you built one though! (thumbs up!)

Andrey Kh (author)OrrinG2015-01-22

Hi, I haven't tried build arduino with ATMega328, is it difficult?

OrrinG (author)Andrey Kh2015-01-22


Not at all. It's actually the default chip shipped with the Arduino Uno.

I have specs on how to build the breakout board but simply dont have time at the moment to put it on here...

I'll make a point of it to get on sometime...

Feel free to PM me if you have questions... I'll gladly assist where I can.

yobibyte made it! (author)2014-11-05

Hi! Thanks for your post. Made my version in a carton box from jewellery today. Planning to improve the soldering and to add beeper sound.

OrrinG (author)yobibyte2014-11-05

Nice and simple!

I like it. When I built the prototype of the breakout board, i simply used a electronics container bought from our local hardware stores.

Im not to keen on the current design and have not had time to improve it yet but I want to do some sort of desktop light tube effect. Small, simple but very eye catching without going for something that should be nailed to a wall.

The image is my current design.

yobibyte (author)OrrinG2014-11-07

My second version with lego-box =)

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