By flipping through a how to solar oven book and stumbled upon my design. Originally it had straight panels to reflect the sun’s rays but I ended up bending mine. I did make additional changes, but in the end it looked good. 

Step 1: What Did I Make?

I built a solar oven out of recycled and used materials. In summary, after I had found my design I decided to look in the recycling bin with my classmates. From there, I was able to scavenge a desk drawer. My original plan was to make it all of of wood. However, seeing that I couldn't bend wood, I needed to compromise. In the end I used an old book carrier made from black fabric and cardboard. This was very easy to bend. After that it was simple to attach aluminum, wiring, and a ramen bowl.

I like this project but I notice you are using plastic tupperware to cook with. You might want to get some high tempered glass to avoid the toxics from plastic.
That's a great idea! And one that I didn't think of at the time. It would have been hard to find an unbroken glass bowl in a recycling bin though.

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