I made this a while ago because i liked jerry cans.I also made a hobo stove and put that in it.Found some stuff around the house and put it in there.You may notice the mower blade knife I made a while back.

Step 1: Things

All you need is some duct tape, a latch and some hinges.Cut a section out and put the hinges and latch on.I would recommend a store bought one but if there's one laying around use that.

<p>I used a plastic water-can, made the hinge out of paracord, so I didn't have to deal with figuring out how to affix a hinge to the plastic. Rather than the camp-kit that yours appears to contain, mine has all the essentials for a roadside emergency crammed into it. The 2 30Ah Lead-Acid motorcycle batteries are at the bottom for optimal weight distribution, with a solar battery charger secured above, and an inverter to the side. Folded up between the battery and the inverter is a 10ft 6 gauge jumper cable with plastic caps around the gators. In the side corners are a 12V powered mini air-compressor and a 12V flashlight (helpfully secured in the throat of the can so I can draw it out on its thether without opening the can. It </p>
<p>Looks nice! Be a great way to reuse jerry cans that have holes in them. </p>
<p>Pretty cool! Good Job. </p>

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