Jerrycan Speakers





Introduction: Jerrycan Speakers

Jerrycans are beautiful. Their shape is functional and iconic.
With the price of the fuel being so high, you can't afford to have a leak in your container. If it's the case, here is a simple idea that could interest you. Walking home a few days ago, I found an old set of speakers in my neighboor's trash can. (You know, these brown boxes that nobody uses anymore because today's technology offers much better sound quality.) I didn't know if they worked but I still took them. I smashed the case with a hammer (NOT the best way to get inside), and I unscrewed the speakers from the box.

Warning for music purists: The sound coming out from these speakers won't be HD quality... Jerrycans sound like Jerrycans. It's more a kind of party accessory.

Step 1: Get the Stuff


- A pair of stereo speakers
- Speaker wires
- 8 screws (the type will depend of the speakers you've got
- 2 EMPTY AND CLEAN Jerrycans (or similar objects)
- Polyester fill
- Amplifier

Step 2: Find Speakers

Once you found old speakers, get inside the box to remove the parts you need. Try not to brake the membrane.

Step 3: Mesure

Find the diameter of the speakers' inner part. Use a caliper

Step 4: Trace a Circle

You can use a pair of compasses or make a paper template to trace the exact diameter on the Jerrycan's body. Use a big black marker.

Step 5: Drill

Make a hole large enough to let your cutting tool go trough the plastic

Step 6: Cut

Use a jigsaw to cut a hole in the can. Follow the circle traced on step 3. Make sure the hole is smaller than the overall speaker's diameter.

Step 7: Mark

Place the speaker in the hole and mark the screw holes with the tip of a drill or a pen

Step 8: Screw Holes

Use a drill to prepare holes for the screws. The  drill diameter should be about 7/64 inch.

Step 9: Pass the Wires

Use the air holes on top of the can to pass the coper wires trough the can.

Step 10: Wire

Sincerely, I can't help you much on how to connect the speakers together. I only followed my instinct and it worked. Some Instructables projects explain how to do it properly. Here's a link :

Step 11: Fill

Use polyester fill to insulate the can to limit vibrations.

Step 12: Screw Them

Just screw the speakers onto the Jerrycan.

Step 13: Plug

Plug the speakers to an amplifier and put some music on.
Try some classics like :

The DOORS - Light my fire
Daddy Yanke - Gazolina
Hendrix - Fire



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If you remake these, you should add a subwoofer and put it in a diesel jerry can.

(They're the yellow ones. Red is for gasoline and blue for kerosene.)

I am currently in the process of making one with a woofer build from a WW2 parachute box, this fits great with the metal rusty cans. unfortunately I haven't found a 10" woofer with the yellow membrame yet because they look great with the black


Maybe drill a small hole in the bottom of the cans to feed the wires thru it would look a little better

what's cool about these ,if you have a jeep or other open,rag top vehicle,they look so good,and by using a few simple caculations and a couple extra dollars for a few better parts,,they can sound as good as any top dollar car speaker.

Here's one I made a while back. I still haven't finished the instructable on it.

Also my dad has a metal jerrycan that he won't use because it's not easy to pour gas out of it. I'll see if I can have it to make a speaker.


i cant see any bass hole ? have u kept any ?

ok good idea :)

but i searhed on net that there are proper calculations for bass hole and the base pipe length?

so we cant change the size of the nozel have u calculated it ??

if yes then what is the name of your software any link to its download?