Step 7: The 2nd jig

Picture of The 2nd jig
Another jig helps produce the large center cross with more consistent results.  This jig supports four nails clamped in place for welding them together at their tips.  

It is made of 1/8 x 1/2 inch strap iron.  One piece 4 1/2 inches long is the main part.  Two wings 2 1/8 inch long each are welded to it at 90 degrees to make an "X."  (One of my wings is not quite 90 degrees to the main piece.  So, I had to add scoring marks on all four arms to define the exact position for the nails before welding.  Some of the scoring marks are visible.)

I also added a round rod post to the underside of the jig so I can clamp it in the vise easily.

I bent the arms upward just a little so the finished welded cross would be flat.  There is a square of aluminum at the center to prevent accidentally welding the tips of the nails to the jig.  The aluminum is from an old automobile license plate.