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I bought a Sirdar Alan Dart knitting pattern to knit Jess the Cat puppet (of Postman Pat fame) from someone on the Internet. This is the cutest thing I have ever knitted! I ended up knitting three of them, two in the original colours and one in an orange stripey. As this pattern came from England, I could not find Country Style Dk Snowlflake yarn in my local stores, so I had to use substitute yarns. I used Bernat Baby Boucle for the white fluffy parts and oddments of yarn for the eyes and nose. For the black fur I used Lion Brand Woolease . The stripy cat's stripes were knitted in Woolease (Gold and Cocoa) also. However, I think he (they) came out very well, even though I knitted from a different yarn. I gave two away, but kept one for myself!



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    I have been trying to find this pattern and got so excited when I saw it here.May
    I have the instructions please.

    So glad I found this. They`re super-cute! My boyfriend`s a postman and his birthday`s coming up....! E-Bay, here I come :)

    I loved your comment - is it possible to have a copy of the pattern as my partner has just discovered Jess the cat on the TV and together with our new black and white cat, Jess i would love to knit him the puppet

    absolutely adorable -- I'd love to have the pattern too, for our new grandson. They look so happy and cuddly.

    It is Sirdar pattern No. 4122 and I bought mine on E-bay. If you put Alan Dart Jess the Cat in the search engine on E-bay, one will come up (I just did it and it's there but it's located in England) They have both the glove puppet Jess and the toy Jess up for grabs!

    Cute job stinkymum! I like them, they're adorable! I like the last two pictures, they're nice!