Regalo para la abuela de mi novio, la cual es muy religiosa.
//Gift for my boyfriend's grandma, who is very religious.

Primero que nada, los materiales:
//First of all, what you'll need:

-Un minitorno (en mi caso un dremel 300 series, con una punta bien fina)
//A dremel (in my case a Dremel 300 Series

-Un pedazo de acrlico, la medida depende de lo que se quiera hacer
//A piece of plexiglas, it can be the size you wish.

-Un soldador
// A soldering iron

-Una cajita de plastico para usar de base
// A plastic box, which will be used as a base

-Pintura plateada (opcional)
// Silver painting (opcional)

-LEDs en mi caso una tira de 10cms.
//LEDs in my case I used 10cms.

-Una bateria de 9v
//A battery 9v

-Una llave, para apagarlo cuando no se use
// A switch

Es todo!
//That's it!

Here is another project that I did using the same steps..
Aqui esta otro proyecto que realize usando los mismos pasos...


Step 1: Empecemos... Let's start

Hay que cortar el acrilico del tamaño que se desee
//Cut the plexiglas the size you want.
Lo probe y quedo genial. Yo use una pila que se puede cambiar, ya que los leds los solde a mano
Te qued&oacute; genial!!! en los siguientes que hice les compre como un conector para bateria que te permite cambiarla, pero barbaro que hayas podido solucionar con la pila directamente.<br>Te felicito, la verdad qued&oacute; muy bien!
What thickness of plexiglass did you use?
Hi! I used plexiglass 3mm thick. If its any thinner I don't know if you'll break it. Hope it helps! (sorry for my english)
Very nice project. Can it be made from Window Glass ? <br>And you didn't tell where to use the dremel and Silver painting ..?
Thank you! I never tried with glass.. i really don't know if it will reflect the same. I will try it and let you know soon!<br>The dremel is for engraving the acrylic and the silver painting is to paint the box where the acrylic stands.<br>Sorry for my english, i'm from Uruguay :)
Muchas gracias! me encanto hacerlos! Saludos desde Uruguay!
Belo trabalho. Parab&eacute;ns!
ueee . que buen manual &iexcl;&iexcl;<br>felicitaciones&iexcl;&iexcl;&iexcl;<br>desde misiones Arg.
Gracias!! :)
Not my taste of subject matter, but definitely one of the more effective side-illuminated pieces we've had.
I really appreciate your comment :) I like doing this kind of stuff :D (sorry for my english, I'm from Uruguay)
Your English is fine--much better than many kids in the US who have spent much of their time sending text messages.<br><br>Very nicely done.
Thank you very much! :D
Nicely done!

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