Would you like to show the "Christmas Spirit" by making a Christmas Tree topper that truly expresses how most of America sees this most jolly of holidays!

Well look no further than the "Crucifix Christmas Tree" Tree Topper!  We're all for capitalism in America and pretty much all of our holidays are surrounded by shopping of some sort: Everything from the millions of pounds in candy we buy our children on Easter and Halloween to such bombardments like "President's Day Sale!" or "Fourth of July Blow Out!" But the mother of them all is Christmas!

Inspired by some Christmas wrapping paper we can across many years ago, my wife made me a mini-ornament a couple of years back...

This year we decided to final make the real thing!


Now let's get started!!!

Step 1: What You'll Need...


- Crucifix
- Styrofoam Cone (as a base)
- Cloth (to cover Cone)
- Sparkly Pipe Cleaners (as garland) - Not Pictured
- Star Ornament
- Mini Ornaments
- Mini Presents (various sizes)
- Christmas Light Necklace
- Christmas Ornament Hooks - Not Pictured


- Hot Glue Gun
- A few Glue Sticks
- Wire Cutters
- Needle Nose Pliers (to bend hooks)
- Something to cut in to cone base (like an Awl and/or small open ended saw)
Thank you for the humor in all this! I do believe the Christian God understands where you are coming from and is getting a chuckle himself! Well done =)
<p>Funny choice of words. He is getting a chuckle, unfortunately it is you who's going to be &quot;well done&quot; LOL. </p>
Just seeing the thumbnail, I understood the satirical message.&nbsp; This is both horrible (i.e., bitter and sad) and hilarious.<br /> <br /> My mother once saw a plastic nativity scene with a blinking Mary. <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
Flashing wise me would be much worse. ;-)<br>
Perhaps if this were done with the easter bunny and easter eggs, the message would be more profound. Christmas is about baby Jesus, so maybe a manger with Christmas lights and santa landing on the roof with presents.
The catholic side of me is saying this is horribly sacrilegious, but the George Carrlin side of me is saying &quot;Thank you Joe Pesci!&quot; i mean honestly thats just greatness in corporal form
I like it. It is his birthday after all, why should he miss out on all the fun?
I think this is done in bad taste.... <br> <br>sacriligious!
Sacrilegious much?

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