Picture of Jet Boil Hanging kit
Disclaimer: Any modifications to your Jet Boil WILL invalidate your warranty.

This is a cheap Hanging kit Mod for the Jet Boil, or any other stove which the pot and stove can be attached together.

It's pretty simple, so i'll let the pictures explain it.

Total weight of the hanging kit and wind shield is 15 grams!
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
You need most of the items below, the rubber tape, and aluminium can are optional, and a knife, second pair of pliers and wire cutters could also be useful.

A (bench) Drill and a 3mm diameter bit are needed if you want to better secure the burner to the pot, (which i would recommend to avoid the burner falling off!).

Step 2: Hanging Kit

Picture of Hanging Kit
With the 3 cable ties put together as shown, and then make sure you tighten each on the same, ie count the number of clicks on each cable tie. This ensures that the three wires later on are all at 120 degrees from each other. Keep tightening so that the cable ties are snug around the top of the pot (but NOT too tight). This means the kit can be taken on and off, (with the help of screw driver, or some other lever).

Chop three lengths of brass wire, and twist them onto the cable ties at one end. At the other end arrange as in the photo. Play about with the lengths till the stoves hangs right.

Pretty simple really.
ralema692 years ago
And why do you think you would need to hang it? I don't understand the purpose...
You need a hanging kit when the ground is severely angled, or on the side of a cliff (think big wall, technical climbing).
Thank you! I am new to this. Only used our Jetboil Flash 3 times, but of course, always stable ground. Never thought about this. Thanks again, and keep the ibls coming!