Hey guys, i recently came across a few parts, threw em together, and came up with a jet engine (sort of)

The parts included

a Lysol spray protector
a PC fan
Duct tape!
a propane fuel canister (from a blowtorch)
a BBQ lighter
9 Volt battery
Thats the part list for now, in the future i will add a compressor and spreader (for the fuel mixture output, i built one earlier but it melted when i tested it do to the Intense blue flames)

i got tired of not messing with fire, so i lit the original proto type without a nossle and spreader... the fan melted... so  i made a new one! it works 10 times better! so much better it kinda-break itself. So i light it on fire (the gas) and the flame burns nice and big for awhile, then it really gets small and concentrates down to a fine point, after this the flame burns rapidly into the back of the engine and i get a Really loud POP and a flash of fire coming from the air-in, so i need to adjust it, i think to much air is being sucked in so i will add a resistor to the fan...

** alot of us are familiar with epoxy... it got so hot it melted epoxy! i didn't think it would be possible, but when the run was finished the nossle was at a titled angle and a sticky goo was dripping slowly from where the epoxy was,**

it has some potential

<p>bruh keviancai this is perfict for a diy tomahak </p>
Hmmmm, not quite sure what to make of this.
You can melt plastic with a lighter and a small torch like a pencil torch might be able to melt the epoxy.
FAIL. It's effing plastic. Never will work. give up. Not being mean, just being realistic. LOOL.
looool im sry but do u expect that to work and those fans not to melt with propane!<br /> other than that u have a very good valve/air intake system that u need to replace with steel
i was planing on building a long carrier to the compustion camber lol, it was a prototype anywho =)<br />
<strong>very good job <br /> regards </strong>
Nice, extremely simple design.<br />

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