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Introduction: Jet Powered Go-Kart

About: My name is Brendon and I live on a hobby farm in sunny Australia. My main interests are Gas Turbines (Jet Engines), High Voltage electricity and Computers.
Hi all, this is a go kart which is powered by a home-made Gas Turbine (Jet Engine), it is the result of 6 months of planning and 3 months of building. The kart and the engine was all home-made thanks to some kind people who helped me find some hard to find parts.

If your a fan of Jets or a fellow Gas Turbine builder, Like this:

I do know that the engine runs, but as of today (20/Oct/11) I am not sure if it will get any decent speed and I cant find out until April 2012 as it is a fire hazard.

The Turbo Charger was $700AU
The total cost was $1600AU

Turbo: AI Research, 3.9 inch Inducer
EGT Running at idle: 550'c
Oil Capacity: 4.2L
Fuel start: LPG
Fuel Run:
Compressor Pressure idle: 15PSI
Max Turbine Speed: 65,000 Rpm

If you have any requests or questions please contact me.
I am not responsible for what ideas you may get from this page or
what damage you may cause to yourself or property.

A Video update (May 2013) (hoping to do a road test this winter):



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    Yes, I believe your right. Just been busy with other projects and a few life things. But I should fix a few things up and get her running again soon, then scare the sh*t out my town :P

    Just an update, I found some time to fix the faults oil pipes, fuel control, ignition ect. Got it started, it sounded magnificent kept it going for around 10 min everything great. The next day got her started went to switch over to petrol didn't work, then bang all the fuses blew (thanks to the pwm fuel controller) oil guage broke so.... doing a major upgrade now, new flametube stainless steel, decreasing the combustor length, increasing the amount of holes in the flametube compared to the previous one, maybe upgrade the rear axle area and put on some bigger wheels. And order better motor controllers (I hate Chinese things that break, where is all the good USA stuff!)

    Well that must be annoting having it break right away. Chinese stuff is sometimes that way but it is so inexpensive. If you want something better it seems like you either have to make it yourself or pay a ton of money for it.

    It sure was annoying, but it is a good excuse to rebuild some parts. Trouble is with the motor controller burning out, I can't find any that are made out of China. So I have ordered two cheapos, they at least have a 30 day warranty :/, now with things getting dry I will have to wait for a wet day after it is back in running condition.

    Please tell me what is daggy besides the wheels so I can improve on future designing? Thanks :)

    -if you could rebuild the big tank poking out from the jet to fit inside the chassis, that would be good
    -a rounded cage at the back to house the turbo, instead of the big square one with heaps of space, might make it lighter (less metal) therfore go faster.(like the picture)
    -do you mean besides the wheels as is, you know theyr'e daggy or your keeping them?
    -put a good seat in because that doesn't look comfortable
    -better breaking system, that won't work well if you mod it bigtime
    -mabey an afterburner like lemonie said look around instructables for ideas, or watch the scrapheap challenge episode where they made jet carts, because one team made one out of a turbo like yours
    -small crumple zone on the front

    well that's all i could think of, hope it helps :0


    Yer the burner (the big tank) can be cut down in size also ( just made it big since it would be safer for the turbo).
    I mean the rear wheels are pretty small and stupid looking, some nice big ones would look better ( but was low on funds and time so skimped on some parts). Yes a nice racing seat...
    Yer I saw that episode recently, at least the bearings in mine are just like new unlike there's, Thanks man!

    I did try starting it with the exhaust nozzle on, but I just could not get it to start the EGT was getting way too high. I think I need a bigger leaf blower or something, any suggestions?

    Some form of adjustable nozzle with the linkage going up to the drivers seat should work. That way it can fire up with the opening large then shrink as it speeds up.

    nice build, you can buy used APUs at relatively low prices (for turbine engines) that will drive anything you can hook up to a drive shaft

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    Thanks, I was looking at those they look affordable for anyone who lives in the US, but I live in Australia so there quite expensive I think.