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Introduction: Jet Pack Costume

Just something I made with a little spare time. Mostly from junk I had lying around, this is first time I've tried distressing the paint for more realistic metallic look and as you can see I got a spot carried away. If you want to make one have a look at this video and have a look around at some others for a couple ideas. The build was great, I always enjoy taking junk and turning it into something cool.  



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    can you also give instructions on how to make it?

    If you look at the video in the link it will help a lot. As for instructions what I recommend is to look at picture and get a good idea of what your making. Builds like these typically don't have instructions, they just sorta grow as you find bits and pieces of junk that suit you general plan.
    P.s. Sorry could get back sooner life's been real busy.

    Dude (or dudet) this is epic! You should add hand pieces to turn left or right and every time you click right, the bottom right tube shoots out steam (fog machine in each tube). The same with the left. Can you also make a helmet for it too? This is most likely what I'm going to use for my next years halloween costume.

    Thanks, I was really happy with the finished jetpack. Great ideas, although this was built for a quick costume for a camp i went to, so now I'm done with it and not really intending to do to much more on it.