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Introduction: JetJolt K'nex Gun

My first instuctable - the gun is okay, featuring a new firing method I invented. It shoots between 30-45 feet, though I've occasionally gotten over 50. Easy to load, make and shoot and in general a good firing technique.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make this gun, you will need:
6 gray rods
15 purple/silver connectors
1 blue connector
5 white/black connectors
8 blue rods + 1 for firing
10 red/grey connectors
6 yellow/grey-white connectors
1 orange/brown connector
1 red/green rod
4 blue spacers
4 silver spacers
30 green/black rods
5 dark gray connectors
1 black stange connector (stubs)

Step 2: Construct the Front of the Gun

Constuct the front part of the gun according to the images below. Note that if you used a large rubber band you should triple it before use, a medium sized rubber band should be doubled and smaller ones left the way they are. Also remember to twist the rubber band around the middle as seen in the images. Not doing so will not allow the gun to fire.

Step 3: Construct the Middle of the Gun and the Firing Rod

1) Create the firing rod.
2) Create the middle of the gun and insert the firing pin through the hole. Note which side of the firing rod faces which direction.
3) Connect this with the part made last step as seen in the image.

Step 4: Construct the Trigger

Probably the most complex part of this gun, the trigger must be powerful enough to withstand the force of the rubber band while pulling the firing pin back. Construct it based on the images below.

Step 5: Create the Back of the Gun

There isn't much to this part of the gun. Make it based on the images below.

Step 6: Finish the Gun

1) Slide the trigger on to the back of the gun (here you see the back part of the front piece of the gun connected to the back part of the gun, it's just there to show you how to connect the back part to the front with the trigger on)
2) Connect the back part of the gun to the front and the trigger to the firing rod.

Step 7: How to Load and Shoot

To Load:
1) Make sure the "arms" of the strange black connector fit around the rubber band as seen he image below.
2) Hold the trigger in one hand.
3) With the other hand, push a blue rod through the hole of the black/white circular connector into the strange black connector so that the rubber bands are in between the strange black connector and the blue rod as seen in the second picture.

To Shoot:
1) In one hand, hold the front of the gun.
2) With the other, quickly pull back the trigger. The gun will fire the blue rod.

Happy building!



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what does it shoot

Blue rods work the best by far.

great gun jetjayjay!

Hey guys, here are some good firing tips:
1) Rather than pulling back the trigger, push forward the rest of the gun. This will make the gun shoot farther.
2) You can aim by shoving the gun into your face and lining up all of the connecters at the top of the gun.
3) When firing, do it quickly.
4) when loading, try to have the rubber band pulling against the middle of the back of the fired blue rod, and not pulling the edges.

this gun is really clever and satisfying to shoot but it is not very accurate is a pain to load, also it does not shoot a long distance but it was well worth posting.

Ha ha! thats what I think about the 9mm from youtube made into an instructable by HBF.

A pain to load??? Why is that? It's one of the easiest to load on the site! When you load it, is the black odd connecter at the end of the firing rod perpendicular to the rubber bands? It should be like that. It should also be touching the white/black circular connecter at the front of the gun.

Hey guys! I rather ecently invented a different firing method for a cannon which is a variation on this one. It seems to be very efficient (60 feet with 2 rubber bands!) and I may or may not post soon.

plz post