Jetpack Shark Sculpture





Introduction: Jetpack Shark Sculpture

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I made this sculpture for a college class, I think it came out pretty well! I started out with a small clay model, which I scaled up into a steel rod armature. Then I cut and welded strips of steel to flesh out the shark. A quick steel box, some recycled plastic tubing from the garbage, and a couple of cabinet knobs later we have our finished piece! The teeth are made from saw blades, and the whole sculpture sits on a bent piece of rebar (it was supposed to look like a smoke trail, but the effect doesn't come across quite as well as I would have liked).



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    It looks like the shark from James and the Giant Peach. Well done. My son dressed up as the centipede this year.



    Neat work, No laser beam attached to its head?


    This is cool, very cool!!

    I didn't even notice at first that the rebar was the stand too, that makes it even more impressive great job!

    Wow this is very cool! Guess humans are not even safe on land anymore haha.

    Awesome. just imagine what the movie jaws would have been like if the shark had a jet-pack.