Jeweled Paper Crown




Introduction: Jeweled Paper Crown

I was looking for a fun paper crown and really didn't find any. So I decided to embellish one of the ones you get for free at your local fast food restaurant.

Step 1: Materials

Paper Crown (You can buy one, make one, or get one for free at your local fast food chain, you know which one.)

Metallic spray paint


Self adhesive plastic jewels and pearls

Regular plastic jewels


Step 2: Painting the Crown

Lay the crown flat, exterior side up and spray paint it. Sprinkle it lightly with fine glitter as it dries.

Once dry, flip over and spray paint the interior side. Let it dry.

Shake off any excess glitter.

Step 3: Plan a Layout for Your Jewels and Pearls.

I recommend searching real crowns online, so you have an idea for the shapes and forms you can create with the jewels.

Once you have your layout, adhere and glue the jewels in place. Let dry, if needed.

Step 4: Filling in the Gaps.

If you do not have enough jewels; dot glue in the gaps, sprinkle with glitter and let dry. Shake off excess glitter.

Step 5: Size Crown to the Head and Enjoy!



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