just some jewelers glasses i made from an old set of glasses and old camera parts

Step 1: Gather Your Stuff!

Just gather what will be needed to assemble the glasses as well as what you'll need:
-Krazy Glue (or any glue you like).
-Old Glasses (or new it's your choice they have to be metal and big framed).
-Old camera (preferably video, they tend to have more magnification).
-Old telescope (if you get only one lens from the camera).
-A piece of string or a glass holding cord. (for holding the glasses obviously).
-The lens cover from the camera (if available).
-A self-made lens cover (to prevent eyesight straining) [optional].
-A Knife (comes in handy). -Safety Glasses, goggles, etc. (for all the safetyphilliacs).
-m&m's (to keep focus)
-a pair of hands.
-a brain
-Ahhh! I forgot... more etcetera.
That's pretty clever. I just bought a pair - kinda wish i hadn't now...

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