Picture of Jewelry: Basic Weaving 3: Adding Beads to a Weave
In this lesson I will teach you how to add a bead to a woven project so that the bead lies neatly on top of the weave.

For the illustrations I am using 16g wire for the core wires and 26g wire for the weaving wires. I am using these larger wires so that the detail is easier for you to see. You can also use this technique with smaller or larger wires.

I recommended that you download the first Basic Weaving Techniques tutorial before continuing with this lesson. You can get that tutorial, free of charge, from the following link:


• 16g dead soft round practice wire
• 26g dead soft round practice wire
• 4mm beads

• Chain nose pliers
• Wire cutters

Step 1:

Picture of

You will start with 2 pieces of 16g wire that are approximately the same length. The actual length does not matter at this point, as this is just a practice piece.

Secure the 26g wire onto one of the 16g wires by wrapping it a few times.

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that is lovely.
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This looks really hard! Can you please make this for me?