A simple box for holding jewelry or other nicknacks. My son and I got to make it together and hopefully his "friend" will enjoy it greatly.

During the making of this my son also got to learn about safety, math, construction and creative thinking. I also hope he enjoyed spending the time with me as I did with him.

We used scrap wood that we had around and picked up some of the hardware we needed at our local hardware shop. (After all isn't that where you get hardware?)

We spent around $4 and the time was priceless.

Step 1: Materials

1.  Plywood - We had some leftover laying around though you can get a 1/4 sheet from the hardware store.
2.  Wood glue
3.  Hinges and Hasps.
4.  Drawing paper, grid paper, or just paper to design on.
5.  Pencil and ruler.
6.  A saw -  Just about any wood cutting saw can be used if care is taken
7.  Files, Sandpaper and wood clamps
8.  Paint or Stain
9.  Some sort of pretty cloth for interior
Great work!
Thank you!
That's a nice box! I seen quite a few boxes built with scrap. Yours ranks right up near the top. The lining was a nice touch. Much cooler than just using glue and flocking powder!
Thank you much for the comment! Great base to start with and embellish from there for sure! <br>
Bravissimo :)
Thank you! It was an enjoyable project to do! Might just decorate and personalize a bit more next time.

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