Jewelry Box





Introduction: Jewelry Box

I created this jewelry box as a gift for a friend.  It has a clear top to display pictures through the lid.

Step 1:

Sides were cut to desired length.  Rounding the sides required the blade to be at a 45 degree angle with a guide setup with clamps on the table saw, also at 45 degrees.  

Step 2:

A cardboard template was created to guide the blade height.

Step 3:

The curved piece after pass through.  It was easier to start with a low blade height and pass each side through and then raise the blade a turn until the final curve was achieved.

Step 4:

Notches for shims.

Step 5:

Sides together to insert glue and shim to strengthen the corners.

Step 6:

Lid edges were cut to same length as base and notched to allow for the plexi-glass.

Step 7:

Ripped 1/4" grooves to slide in the bottom.

Step 8:

Used a chamfer bit router bevel the edge where the bottom and top meet.  A rounded bit was used for the top and bottom. 

Step 9:

Bottom and sims glued and inserted in.  Shims were trimmed with a coping saw.  Plexiglass cut to fit bevel in lid.

Step 10:

I was originally going to use trim to hold the plexiglass and pictures in place but I opted to cut a 1/4" piece of plywood to hold it in place.

Step 11:

Wooden feet glued and inserted on bottom.

Step 12:

Grooves cut for hinges.  It was important to test the depth to ensure the lid opened and stopped at the proper angle.

Step 13:

Prep for stain.

Step 14:

Step 15:

Base to hold the plexiglass was glued with rubber cement and wrapped in velvet.

Step 16:

Step 17:

The velvet top on the inside of the lid.  Fit snugly enough it did not require anything to hold it in place.

Step 18:

Cardboard cut to fit in bottom was also wrapped in velvet.

Step 19:

Lid wrapped in velvet.

Step 20:

Finished with and without velvet insert in lid.

Step 21:

I created 2 trays.  1 full sized to fit the bottom and the other half sized.

Step 22:

Trays were grooved and glued.  Cardboard was cut to fit the bottoms and wrapped in velvet.

Step 23:



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    4 Discussions

    What a beautiful box, which will surely be treasured for a lifetime (or even longer). Your in instructable is wonderful, giving directions and pictures that can walk even a newbie woodworker through the project. With care, if they follow your very detailed directions, they too can have something beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    How hard is it to make? Can I make it without prior carpentry experience? I would like to make one for my girlfriend for her birthday but I don't know much about that. How about the wood? What dimensions do you have here and is it beech or oak wood?

    Yes, very carefully with a table saw. I usually lay a piece of stock along the guide to keep the piece I'm cutting flush since the guide is rounded at the bottom and can cause it to not stay square. Run 2 passes, increasing the depth each time.

    Really nice instructable! How do you cut the grooves in the small pieces used for the tray? I'm familiar with using a table saw to cut grooves, but it seems like it would be tricky to do with the small pieces.