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This is a really simple project that my daughter helped with. Start with a craft picture frame, they cost about a dollar from the craft store. I bought this one at Michaels. (couldn't find the link) I spray painted it, took about five minutes. Once it was dry I drilled holes and screwed in some fun knobs that I bought online at a hardware store. There are so many that it was difficult to choose. I used a printable decal for her name but you can go crazy decorating it. I thought about puffy paint, that would be fun. Glue on jewels or whatever. Then I took picture frame wire and just stapled it right to the back side. That way my daughter can hang earrings from it as well as necklaces, it doesn't take up any counter space and it keeps the tangles out. This project would scale to a larger frame no problem.

Wood frame
Spray paint
Picture frame wire


ccarreer (author)2013-04-09

Adorable! I love it! I want to do something similar for keys. =D

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-03-19

Cute! The chain in the middle was a good idea :)

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