This is my first Instructable and I'll show you how to make a sweet and handy jewelry bag with inside compartments using fabric and sewing supplies. Great for travel and gorgeous on your dresser at home.

Materials needed:
2 fabric pieces size 11" x 11"
2 fabric pieces size 8" x 8"
chord or ribbon, 2 pieces, 30" each

Tools needed:
sewing machine or needle and thread
pencil or pen
something to draw circles with (I'll be using a dinner plate and salad plate but will show alternate methods)
pencil compass or silver dollar

What would you stash in a little bag like this? Maybe sewing kit supplies with a little matching pin cushion in the center. What else?

Step 1: Cut the pieces

I'll be using different coordinating fabric scraps for each piece. The purple with swirly vines will be the outside of the bag.

Starting with the fabric for the outside of the bag, lay it on the table with wrong side up, place your dinner plate on it and trace around. My dinner plate is 10 5/8" across.

You could also use a pencil compass and make a circle approximately 10 1/2" across.

If you don't have a big enough plate, bowl, or a pencil compass, just cut a strip of cardboard 6 inches long, stick a push-pin in one end and punch a hole 5 1/4" from the pushpin. Anchor the pushpin in the center of your fabric, place a pen or pencil in the hole and, holding the pushpin steady, drag the pencil around in a circle.

Make a second circle the same size, this will be the liner (lime green for mine). Cut them out.

Now repeat to make 2 smaller circles. I used a salad plate that was 7 7/8" across. Or you can punch another hole in the cardboard strip 4" from the pushpin. My fabrics were a different purple and flowery green.
<p>I know you posted this tutorial awhile ago, but I just stumbled upon it. I was on vacation recently and was wishing I had a small bag for my jewelry that would keep it from getting tangled. Your bag is exactly what I need! Your instructions were clear and easy to follow. This would be a fun project for somebody learning to sew. I used satiny fabric for the pockets to make it easy to get the jewelry out, and rattail for the drawstring with a cordlock because I wanted to use supplies I had on hand. Now I need to go on another vacation to try it out. Thank you for your instructions!</p>
<p>You ROCK! A friend of mine showed me this style of bag and I fell in love it with (for a dice bag). I think I'm going to reorder my steps though and attach the small circle with pouches to the large liner circle. Then I'll skip to Step 2 to sew the large circles together and jump to Step 5 for the drawstrings. Done that way you won't see the pie seams from the inside circles. Now all I have to do it pick out material.</p>
<p>Hey uh... somebody stole your idea look: <a href="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/747469922/d-bag-a-new-kind-of-dice-bag-for-more-organized-ga/description" rel="nofollow">https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/747469922/d-b...</a></p><p>A good idea anyway. :) </p>
<p>I will post photos later but I am quite excited to do these bags as party favours for my daughters 9 birthday. </p>
<p>Dear Chery,</p><p>I am a beginner of sewing, I was so glad when I found this tutorial. I tried to make this and just wanted to share the pics with you~Thank you for your awesome tutorial and sharing with everyone!</p>
<p>Is there any way to print this pattern? I don't usually leave my computer on when I'm sewing so I can look at the pics. and instructions. Thanks for your help, Bev</p>
<p>Hi Bev. Well, good question. It looks like &quot;pro members&quot; can download a pdf of any instructable for easy printing. I'm not a pro member so I clicked &quot;view all steps&quot; (the grid next to where it says 6 Steps) and that put everything on one long page, but when I right-clicked and clicked print, it looked like several things were overlapped and might not print perfectly. So we might be out of luck there. If you're a real problem-solver (and I tend to see this sort of thing as a challenge), you could copy and paste the instructions and photos into a word document and print. Let me know if you figure anything out.</p>
<p>I made the green and blue one first. Everyone that sees the jewelry bag wants me to make one for them. They are very cute. Thank you for the clear instructions.</p>
<p>Great job! They're beautiful! Thank you for posting a pic!</p>
<p>Thank you so much for your instructions! They were very clear and simple to follow (photos helped a lot!!!). I modified my project a bit: I embroidered the outside border with some blue floss and added pearls in the end of the chord. Aija from France.</p>
<p>I love it! Thank you so much for posting a photo! It made my day :) Love the beaded ribbon pulls and your colors!</p>
Thank you so much.. just done making this pouch.. i just love it... <br>Hema from India :)
Aren't they neat little pouches? I'd love to see a photo of yours.
I am also a novice and I've found your project inspiring. Thanx so much!!
Please tell me how the ribbon works on the jewelry bag. The instructions don't say if you are supposed to sew the ribbon together or what. mer5@zoominternet.net
It's in Step 5. I just knotted the ends of each ribbon (or chord). But you don't tie the two different ribbons to each other. It's basically a drawstring purse (or bag). The two strings work to cinch the bag closed when you pull them and let the opening back out when you pull the bag open. (That seems like a lot of explanation for how a drawstring works, I hope you're not more confused at this point).
Thanks so much for the tip about the thread in the bobbin. As a novice beginner, I wouldn't have known that! Can't wait to try this out!
love it u inspire me
Thank you! Would love to see a photo of yours in a comment if you make one.
I will
My grandmother used to make these. I always wished I'd asked her to teach me. Thanks for the instructable!
You're very welcome; I'm glad it'll be useful to you!

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