Jewelry or Serviette Holder





Introduction: Jewelry or Serviette Holder

This is a nice project that can be given as a gift (if you make it look nice) or used as serviette holders for Christmas dinner or any other occasion. Depending on its shape and size it could also be used as a bracelet.

Step 1: Cut Aluminium to Size

You need a small sheet of aluminium, about 1mm thick. Using a piece of paper as a template work out the dimensions that it should be. If you are making it as a bracelet wrap the paper around your wrist and mark how long it has to be so that it can easily be put on and taken off. If you are making it as a serviette holder do the same thing, it may help if you have a look at a commercial one so that you can copy the dimensions. Make it a few centimeters longer than you measured so you can clamp it in a vise for ease of bending, this can later be cut off. It is always better to make it too long than too short. I made mine to the dimesions in the picture with a lenght L that I determined later. Then mark the template onto the aluminium. I cut mine using a rotary tool.

Step 2: Fold and Bend

Using the vise fold the 2cm flaps inwards as shown in the picture. Make sure that the vise wont scratch the metal too much, use wood on either side of the metal to protect it. I found it helpful to use a pvc pipe about the same shape as my wrist to bend it around. Its not easy but the more time you spend bending it into a nice curve the better it will look. The pictures should explain it all.

Step 3: Polish the Aluminium

I used the wire brush tool from my rotary tool to do this. It gave me a rough but smooth finish at the same time. I think it melted or ripped the aluminium which gives a rough finish. We need a rough surface so that the scribbles in the next step are more obvious.

Step 4: Add the Scribbles

I wanted to have handwriting around the bracelet but that was far too difficult with my rotary tool. I therefore used a small tool (look at images) to do this. I think that scribbles look quite nice and it is probably better if its not readable. Dont worry if you slip a few times, The overall look is much nicer if it doesn't look so accurate.

Step 5: Finished Product

Below are a few images of the finished product. Hope you like it

Step 6: Finished Product

Below are a few images of the finished product. Hope you like it



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    could you make this out of titanium?

    Indeed, Ti would be kinda hard to manipulate, and also to engrave. Perhaps with more suited tools...

     I really like this idea, I'm going to try it on copper.

    Thanks for the tip.

    I have a concern about the edges at the ends of the bracelet being sharp.(where you slip is on your arm.) Does it add a lot of bulk to turn those edges in?

    yeah, that definately be too bulky. Maybe cut the bracelet to size before you bend it. Then sand all the edges until they are smooth and then do all the folding. Hope that helps :)


    Could you use an used aluminium drinks can cut open and turned inside out instead of buy some?

    I recommend those slim fast cans if you want to recycle. That's what I made mine out of and it works great

    Aluminium drink cans are a little thin and therefore might be too sharp


    Okay thanks, it just an idea 4 recycling stuff