I love spending time with buddies, especially when it comes to making things together, like I did with this one! The fun meter ROCKETS while watching sci-fi action-adventure movies, making jewelry, having snacks, and pillow fights! :)
These things are what I did while making this sapphire bracelet!

Ratings appreciated! Have fun ‘ibling!
What a pretty bracelet! I don't know what you used to string the bracelet, but I assume it was an elastic thread. I have made many such bracelets, and the thread degrades after time. You might want to re-string the bracelet from time to time, and to &quot;weld&quot; the knot with clear nail polish (never &quot;Crazy Glue&quot; which degrades elastic thread). The bracelet is so beautiful that I'd hate to see it get damaged.<br><br>BTW, I've been making and giving away bracelets for many years, and have made over 5,000 elastic thread bracelets. I weld all the knots and restring the bracelets I keep every 6 months or so. When I forget, the bracelets tend to break, otherwise, they last indefinitely.
Thank you for your comment and compliments!<br> <br> I used a clear, thin, somewhat stretchy cord from Joann's (similar to the spooled one seen here: http://www.joann.com/images/35/66/8/xprd356689_m.jpg), and for glue I used Beacon's 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue, which is clear (and is my favorite glue :).<br> <br> Wow, 5,000+? That's awesome! I'll keep in mind your advice on bracelet maintenance. The clear cord tends to stretch a bit use after use, so I'm thinking of replacing it in my bracelet for a tighter fit sometime soon.<br> <br> Thanks again and have a great day!
The bracelet is beautiful. The colors are ones that will accent most any outfit. This will dress up a plain outfit or make it a stunning one.
Thank you! I enjoyed making it. I like to wear it frequently!

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