Do you have an old towel just setting about and don't know what to do with it. Turn it into this cute little jacket that you can wear over a bathing suit at the pool or beach. The Hug-Me-Tight Jacket is great against a sudden chill or too much sun on the back and shoulders. I even added a flower corsage made out of the left over towel to give it a vintage look.

Thanks so much and have fun making this jacket

Step 1: Finding the Perfect Towel

Go to your linen closet and find yourself the towel that you will want to use to make your jacket. It should measure about 36x42 around about. Just make sure that it can wrap around you with some extra inches.
<p>I plan to make this soon as I see how to down load it then I will post a picture. Great instructions. Thank you.</p>
This is so cute!! THink I could use the pattern to make a nice shrug for my sun dresses also. Thanks!!
I printed the pdf , and plan to draw a grid over it, scaled to enlarge to my size in even inches, and rotated to align with the center back seam/fold.<br>Drafting the full size pattern on a 1&quot; grid should be a piece of cake.
Jiffy Beach Cover-Up Made From An Old Towel ...Does anyone have an easy method to bring the pattern piece up the proper scale. I want to use the large size and the suggestion is to make the center back 20" long for that, how to I proportionately enlarge the size of this pattern piece? (I'm going to take to work to see how big the xerox can make it but I don't think it can take it that far. Please share with me how you do this? Thanks.
Take the pattern that's printed here on the page and print it off. Then fold it into equal forths and number each square. Take each square and enlarge it separately at the same level, say 150% till you get it the size you want. That's how I would do it. Then just tape your pieces back together. Hope this helps. =<sup>..</sup>=<br/>
Thank you<br>That helped a lot!!!<br>has anyone made this using other fabric?
I like this a great idea.Could look good using different material. thumbs up !
I have been looking for this to use on a dress I made for a church picnic but need a plain material shawl of sorts to cover for the service. I will be taking the center back and placing it on a one inch grid and measure out 15" I will make the rest of the page in 1' also then use that to draw the rest. If you square the center back and m,ake a large block that might be easier. I hope I said that right.
I just ADORE this. Can it be used with other fabrics? I'd love to use it with some stretchy fabric as a every day jacket. How do I choose the size. I'm a S or M depending on how big/small the size is. Is there any other way to transfer the pattern? I don't have access to a Xerox. Thanks - this jacket is soooo lovely. The flower just makes it PERFECT!
LOVE LOVE LOVE..would some one be wiling to print this and mail it to me. I will pay you via paypal. I would need it in a size M or could I take it to Office Depot and enlarge? Thanks,Debbie
The Jiffy Beach Cover-Up is beautiful but how do I enlarge the pattern to fit. I have downloaded the PDF file but the pattern is very small. Thank You
really cute! i think i know some people who are going to get this for their birthday this year!
This is really lovely. The flower gives it the right touch.
Thank you!
That is really nice !
Thank you!
That's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks girlfriend!!! I can make you one if you like - very easy!!!
Hello Very Keri Once again thanks very much!!!
Thank you!
Very impressive!
That's so cool! Great idea to recycle an old towel too.
Thanks so much!!!

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