Step 8: Adding the Flower Corsage

Picture of  Adding the Flower Corsage
It was so easy that I didn't even use a pattern - free form cutting. It took about 5 minutes to make the flower. I cut out 5 circles ranging in different sizes - I think the biggest circle is about the size of a tea cup saucer. Once you have all of your circles cut out - just cut a basic daisy - kindergarden flower shape - don't make them all the same so that way you will have different ones. Once you have all of them cut out to look like a daisy - put all the flower shape on top of each other starting with the biggest and then ending with the smallest. Then I just sewed with needle and thread in the center of all the shapes and pulled tightly to get the layers to pucker around each other and then tied the knot off on the back. The leaves were free formed cut also and I just sewed them to the back. It was very easy to make!
Icee B3 months ago

I plan to make this soon as I see how to down load it then I will post a picture. Great instructions. Thank you.