Introduction: Jig Saw Power Chopper / Meat Tenderizer

This instructable will turn your jig saw into a combo kitchen appliance! You can use it as speedy kitchen chopper, and also as a powerful meat tenderizer.

Beware: You might chop your finger off or worse! Be safe. I take no responsibility for any accidents.

Step 1: Supplies:

You will need:

A jig saw

2 blades

A knife

A meat tenderizer (not pictured)

JB Weld

Tools Needed:

Tile Saw or some other saw capable of cutting metal

Step 2: Chopping Blade Attachment

Shape a knife into a chopping blade as pictured. I used a tile saw to cut through the metal, but you could use a grinder or a table saw with the proper blade.

Then use JB Weld to glue the chopping blade to a jig saw blade.

Step 3: Tenderizer Attachment

Similar to the previous step, use JB Weld to attach the head of a meat tenderizer to a jig saw blade.

Step 4: Chop!

Slide the item to be chopped past the chopping blade. Be careful!

I cut a piece of scrap wood to rest the jig saw on so that I could chop at the right height above the cutting board. It made the process easier

Step 5: Tenderize!

check out a video of the tenderizer in action here

Power Jig Saw Meat Tenderizer



Now that's a serious kitchen toy!