How to Make a R/C Boat for Under $20


Introduction: How to Make a R/C Boat for Under $20

This is a video to show you guys how to make a simple radio control boat for under $20!



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    You can use any rc car, they all have 2 motors in them (I think...)

    not all have 2 motors

    All of them have 2 motors, there is no RC car which has only 1 motor, all of them have at least 2 motors, one for forward and reverse (the one that drives the hind wheels) and one for steering (the one that causes the front wheels to turn left and right).

    many have 1 for hind wheels and none for steering wheels

    not allllllllll

    you can use an r/c car which has 2 motors

    thanks works perfectly my favorite part was when you said snugly loll

    I learn a lot to your post about building a cheap RC boat thanks for sharing nice and informative post.

    how did u carved the thermocol into a boat

    Just one note for the RC people who have not found a good supplier for parts yet. Try . They have great prices and really interesting parts. They do take a while to make it to the USA, coming from China, but you can't beat the prices, even on EBay, most of the time.

    AWESOME job. You are right, most of the cheap RC Cars (especially the ones from Walmart) use one motor for forward/backward motion and one for Steering. In the 'Hobby Level' cars, steering is done with a servo.
    I've been going the 'other way' with the cheap car... that is, tearing out the guts and putting in new electronics and servo (receiver, Speed Controller and batts). However, I've kept the controller and recievers from them, and was thinking of different applications to use them for. Your Idea is GREAT. Think I'm gonna have to try it!

    how did u make the Styrofoam body?

    dang thats realy fast for a homemade one :D nice job!!!

    Hi, I'm from Brazil, and I did a similar, following their ideas. I wonder where you got the propellers? Thanks for the project.

    have you thought about using two 6v motors off a 12v batterie pack