Jigsaw Becomes a Power Sander





Introduction: Jigsaw Becomes a Power Sander

The idea is very simple.

Just glue a wooden dowel, covered with sandpaper, onto an old saw blade. That's all!

If you don't want to follow these instructions, watch the video!

if you use a mobile device use this link!

Step 1: Cut a Slot Into the Dowel

I cut a little notch into the dowel with the table saw.

To do this in a save way,please look at the picture.

Step 2: Glue the Dowel Onto an Old Saw Blade

I filled the slot of the dowel with epoxy

and glued the saw blade into the slot.

Step 3: Glue Sandpaper On

Cut a piece of sandpaper and glue it on the dowel,

the seam on the back.

Step 4: Setup

I have a work surface for my jigsaw and place a board with a hole above it.

But you can also mount the jigsaw directly on a board,

Step 5: The Result

Now turn the jigsaw on and sand what ever you want.



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    Holy good thinking Batman!

    Cool !

    Nice Idea. I will definitely try this. I usually attach sandpaper to dowels with carpet tape. It holds well but can easily be peeled away to change grits. Good one.