Introduction: Jigsaw Servicing, a How to Guide

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I will show you how to service a jigsaw. Just a basic cleaning and relubricating.
What you will need:
L key set.
Paper towels or any tissue paper or clean cloth

Step 1: Taking Apart

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First of all remove the base plate of the jigsaw using your L key.
Then start removing your screws. Place them into a small bowl or cap to keep them from dissapearing.

Step 2: The Inside

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This is the inside of a jigsaw. Start cleaning the dust and old grease out of the machine using the paper towels or cloth. You can use a brush for the wood dust. Be careful when removing any parts so that they do not get damaged or lost.

Step 3: Regreasing

After cleaning out all of the dust and old grease. Ensure that you re-lubricate all of the gears and gogs. If you do not have new grease you can reuse the old grease but it is not recommended as it can contain a lot of debris.

After re-greasing is done ensure that the cover is clipped back tightly and that all screws are screwed in properly. and just give Your machine a test run without cutting anything, to ensure that everything is working properly.

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MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-11

As I get older I find out that in fact everything needs cleaning. Thanks for the how to on an odd object.

jmwells (author)2014-08-07

For lubricant, use petroleum jelly. In an emergency, menthol rub.

irish62 (author)2014-08-07


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