Picture of Jigsaw to Scroll Saw Conversion

In the infancy of my woodshop, back around 2010, I realized that I badly needed a scroll saw, but sorely lacked the funds. Using what I had available to me at the time, I was able to create a fixture that firmly secured my Black and Decker jigsaw, essentially turning it into a functional and versatile scoll saw. This is still one of my primary tools still utilized in my shop, and I've churned out some high quality projects with it.

What you will need:

  • A jig saw (obviously)
  • A hand saw or circular saw
  • Scrap lumber that best suits your needs
  • A Dremel Trio (not necessary at all, but makes routing the hole a bit easier)
  • Wood screws
  • A drill press or drill gun, along with assorted drill bits
  • Some sandpaper (not critical, but no one want's splinters everywhere).
This is the kind of project you can breeze through in one afternoon, it's great.  And since I used only donated or found materials, my costs for this project were a whopping $0.


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Step 1: Make the Mounting Surface and Saw Blade Hole

Picture of Make the Mounting Surface and Saw Blade Hole
2 - dremel set up.jpg
3 - dremeled.jpg
4 - fitting to saw.jpg
I found a nice 0.5" piece of plywood and cut it to approximately 8" X 12" with my circular saw.

Using my jigsaw to gauge the relative location I wanted to mount it in, I marked where the saw blade would stick out from the mounting surface, and gave my self some clearance, let's say no less than 0.375" in either direction about the blade.

I then used my Dremel Trio to create a rectangular hole that fit into my markings.  Alternatively, this feature could be made by drilling a 5/16" hole in each corner of the rectangle, and then using my jig saw to cut between the four holes.  

Either way works fine, just depends on the tools you have on hand and how good you are at using them.
jhall3813 days ago

Thank you! You just saved me some money.

imit3236 months ago

Good idea!

guyzo35 (author)  imit3235 months ago


Mulher6 months ago

Thanks a lot.

guyzo35 (author)  Mulher5 months ago


StoryAddict6 months ago

This is brilliant! Wish I had seen this last year when I needed to cut out some wooden facsimile props of "throwing knives". Def. going to try this!

guyzo35 (author)  StoryAddict5 months ago


Daedalus626 months ago

Simple yet efficient, just as I like 'em... Voted!... I'm definitely doing this, however I have no experience whatsoever using an scroll saw... For the "experts" out there: Would you think adding a speed controller to the jigsaw is going to do any good?... In cutting wood of different thickness and/or hardness?... Thanks!

guyzo35 (author)  Daedalus626 months ago
I'm not sure about other jig saws, but my Black and Decker can adjust its speed to cut different thicknesses/materials, as well as change out blades, which is the reason I haven't retired this tool yet - it's so versatile!

My jig saw is a cheap and pretty basic one, so I'm adding this speed control permanently attached to your "bench", to cut different materials, etc... Thanks, guyzo35!!

guyzo35 (author)  Daedalus626 months ago
Ah, makes sense, good luck!
Absolutely awesome!! Top of my list if things to make!!
Hippykidz6 months ago

Great 'ibble! Thanks I love a good scrap bin project and happen to have a corded jig saw collecting dust. Looks like I am going to have a new scroll saw soon though. B>)

guyzo35 (author)  Hippykidz6 months ago
Thanks! Enjoy it!
RamblinLane6 months ago
Very nice. Just watch your fingers. Also don't force the wood onto the blade. Let it cut at it's pace
lilchumy7 months ago
This deserves to win! Good work. I just bought a jigsaw and wanted to make something like this. You've given me something to do today.
guyzo35 (author)  lilchumy7 months ago

Thanks! Let me know if you come up with any improvements on it!

rimar20007 months ago

Good work, congratulations.

guyzo35 (author)  rimar20007 months ago
Thank you!