UPDATED!!!!Jill's Really Really REALLY Powerful Gun

Picture of UPDATED!!!!Jill's Really Really REALLY Powerful Gun
UPDATED! NOW WITH VIDEO!!!!An Awesome gun that can shoot through 5 CANS and MANY LAYERS OF CARDBAORD! Don't believe me? Watch the video.(Coming soon. I couldn't get my camera to upload to the computer, but there will be one of this gun shooting through 5 cans very soon)
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I have posted lots of pictures, but I'm sorry, I don't have enough time to make real instructions. Don't worry, though, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

This design features 3 crossbow barrels(Main weapon) and a rocket launcher/ splodies launcher barrel.

Sorry the video doesn't have any sound, my digital camera doesn't record sound. It doesn't matter though because the whole point was just to quickly show you the power of this thing. It also only shot through 4 and a half cans that time but we didn't have enough cans to re-do it so whatever. Oh yeah, the gun in the video is the same one as this one, only with the rocket launcher removed.
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Step 1: Stock

Easy. It doesn't have to be exact anyways. lookat the other pictures to get a good idea of what it is.

Step 2: Top Barrels

Picture of Top Barrels
Instructables 008.jpg
There are three working barrels on the top. These fire the sharpened rounds that can penetrate 5 cans and lots of cardboard.

Step 3: Middle Barrel

Picture of Middle Barrel
Instructables 009.jpg
This is something we just added on and it doesnt really have a purpose, so don't even bother to make the middle bow you see in this first picture.
However you should probably make all of the reinforcements you see in the second picture. (Sorry notes aren't working)

Step 4: Bottom Barrel

Picture of Bottom Barrel
Instructables 009.jpg
This is the splodies launcher/rocket launcher.

Step 5: The two bows

Picture of The two bows
these are really easy to make. just make the top and bottom ones, because like I said, you don't need it

Step 6: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy
You probably think that this wasn't really shot at by this KNEX gun. BUT IT WAS! Build it and you'll find out it's awesome power!
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jmiester3 years ago
could you imagine if someone put the system from a compound bow on one of these? well, it just so happens that I have one, and have the knex to do it. But... I don't want to destroy my good bow... XD
jmiester3 years ago
how many rubber bands are on that thing?

P.S. How do you sharpen a knex rod? do you just whittle away at it?
Loutraki6 years ago
make it easier
Asday Loutraki5 years ago
Agreed. This isn't show and tell, this is INSTRUCTables.
Bartboy Asday5 years ago
The worlds biggest show and tell....
Was it really worth the one and a half years spent thinking that insightful comment up?
Honestly, it would have been worth 3.14 years.
I know!
DJ Radio Asday5 years ago
thats preety cool.......good job
seabananers4 years ago
holy crAP thats powerful
wertywaster4 years ago
that thing looks cool!
that is beastly that could puncture skin
No doubt
these instructions suck
d4rksaber5 years ago
gladius is suk, go play gunz instead!
king10005 years ago
He's right It was only four cans but still great and you should also try to shoot the cans from a distance
daelans5 years ago
learn how to count, that was only 4 cans.
UZI dude5 years ago
UZI dude5 years ago
you people are building lethal weapons!
That can was f$£%ing mangled
TigerNod6 years ago

It is powerful indeed, and I like it, but don't get too exited! If you really want to know if it is a powerful gun, build the knex gun force gauge by oblivitus. Link:
Jill 32 (author)  TigerNod6 years ago
Ok. I guess I will have to be willing to sacrifice quite a few snowflake pecies!
And? How powerful was it?
Let me know if you know how powerful it is!
then6 years ago
ya know... ican't even build it!!!!!! the pics aren't good enough. your gona need better pictures... or else!!! (I will shoot you with the reaper crossbow which is even better than your gun...) Beware! and take more/better pics plz
needles300 then6 years ago
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa like thats going to work
Threats aren't good. Beware.
Jill 32 (author)  then6 years ago
ya know... I dont really build knex too often anymore and the gun is at my freind's house anyways. Now I am into Nerf modding! Though I'll probably get bored of that and come back to knex at some point.
needles3006 years ago
I rated this as poor, because it didn't show enouf instruction, I'm thinking that all you did was taking parts of your gun and not showing what there was underneath it. this is what people are thinking, you should just make step by step instructions so that its easier.
needles3006 years ago
i made a gun that shoots blades, and it shot right through a card bored box!!
These instructions are not possible to follow. All you do is say make this if you want to, but you don't have to for everything with a picture. you need to say MANY more details.
beameron6 years ago
Man post instructions PLZ and do itSOON !!! Only for the 1 on youtube and the rest may come laterz xD but POST INSTRUCTIONS PLZ !!!!!
Skreetsha6 years ago
Basicly an oversized crossbow andI LOVE IT!!!! It is/Was a great gun but it just fell down the stairs... Now i'll have to rebuild it :) anyway cool gun!
Jill 32 (author)  Skreetsha6 years ago
thx =)
stinks you broke it, though its a very durable gun, so you must a very large staircase...
yeah its pretty big and there is a turn at the end :S lol, it hit the almost last stair for the turn and it bounced off the wall its in half :S lol
TigerNod6 years ago
This are multiple shots right?
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