Use old unwanted christmas lights and thrown out cardboard to make a cheap wanna-be LED board.

Step 1: Get Lit

Find Lights anywhere they have them. I found them in our garage, but you can also locate them on sale pretty much everywhere after the holidays at Taget, VONS, Long's Drugs, and most likely Wall*Mart.

Step 2: Design and Poke

On a seperite piece of paper, draw out your design before you start poking it out free hand. It woun't look very good...

For the poking out holes part I used a screw driver,but a few alternatives are using a pencil, simple pen, drill, large nail, airsoft gun (with pellets), knuckle duster, exacto knife, or and a drill press.

Step 3: Insert There

This is the hard part, but don't think of it that way.
Take each light and using *Common Sense insert each light into the designed pattern of individual holes.
**Unique Sense and Less Common Sense may also be used.

Step 4: Plug-it-in


Step 5: The OFF Position

Douse the lights-
& show people what you have thrown together!
That metal screen stuff with 1/4 inch squares... I think it's call hardware cloth... works great for this. Just make sure you put the whole thing against a black non reflective background so your message isn't backlit . <br>Might also be good to paint the screen stuff flat black first.
also you should use a piece of half inch plywood and drill the holes for the lights
Although it is original, this isn't very good. If you used LED lights it would be different; but you are putting a lot of small glass-enclosed-balls-of-fire through kindling. this is not the best idea. next time drill holes in a wood panel or something with a higher combustion point.
Thank you!
Its Jerry-rig but w/e Itd be cool if it were a Christmas light matrix, avr controlled
I knew i had the spelling wrong!>< What's a light matrix or avr controlled? I'm like 14 and stupid.
very smart idea, i just might do this (favorited)

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