Joel was born around April of 2010 and he loves to steal dead batteries.  He was inspired by https://www.instructables.com/id/The-illuminated-LED-man-or-The-Joule-Thief-man/

He consists of:
- Solid core copper wire for a skeleton
- Vibration mounts for his feet
- Filtering toroid for his torso
- Red enamel wire for a nervous system
- Crimp-on spade and ring terminals for hands
- Prototyping PCB for a head
- A 10-K trimmer for a mouth
- NPN transistor for his nose
- 2 white leds for eyes
- Some sort of copper bushing
- Wire and solder
- And a Sparkfun sticker for character (the flame is a registered trademark of Sparkfun, the sticker was purchased from them)
<p>This is so cute!</p>
<p>10 points from Denmark.</p>
<p>Amazing work!</p>
He may not stop at batteries... he may start thieving jewels!
me too..
I love this!!

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