Joel was born around April of 2010 and he loves to steal dead batteries.  He was inspired by http://www.instructables.com/id/The-illuminated-LED-man-or-The-Joule-Thief-man/

He consists of:
- Solid core copper wire for a skeleton
- Vibration mounts for his feet
- Filtering toroid for his torso
- Red enamel wire for a nervous system
- Crimp-on spade and ring terminals for hands
- Prototyping PCB for a head
- A 10-K trimmer for a mouth
- NPN transistor for his nose
- 2 white leds for eyes
- Some sort of copper bushing
- Wire and solder
- And a Sparkfun sticker for character (the flame is a registered trademark of Sparkfun, the sticker was purchased from them)
denaHV2 months ago

Amazing work!

TheGreatS3 years ago
He may not stop at batteries... he may start thieving jewels!
ZACKZAIDI4 years ago
me too..
zazenergy4 years ago
I love this!!