Joe's Aviator Scarf


Introduction: Joe's Aviator Scarf

My brother asked me to make him an "aviator scarf" to match his Ray Bans aviator sunglasses and leather coat. :) I didn't know how to crochet him an aviator style scarf, because the traditional aviator scarf is not knitted or crocheted. I believe they're generally silk. So this put me to the test to make an appropriate homemade pattern.

I used a size I/9 crochet hook and got to work with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn, color: Aran. I chained enough chains to get to 90 inches, because for this particular pattern I wanted to imitate a knit so I would have to crochet it lengthwise instead of by width. For my crochet "knit imitation" I did one row of single crochet, followed by a row of half double crochet. The next row was a row of single crochet, but in the back loops only. Row 4 was regular half double crochet, and row 5 was single crochet (back loops only) so on and so forth until the scarf was about 5 inches wide. Voi la! I added fringe on the two ends and my brother's aviator scarf was complete. It looks better than I anticipated and quite fitting for an aviator!



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     could you make a video or picture tutorial showing how you did this like on a small scale, it looks awesome, and i would like to try it :D 2 thumbs up!!!!

    i saw the mention of ray ban aviators (I have a fake pair) and thought this artical would be about sunnies or tom cruise, and just thought u should know about my confusion, it was a right kerfufle :-)

    very nice. I like the ribbing effect. Thats sweet your bro will wear something his sis made him.

    Yes...They are generally silk. The original purpose was to protect the pilot's neck from chafing on the tight leather collar from the flight suit, and also to wipe the oil from the leaky rotary engine off the goggles. This would fail miserably at the original purpose, as it isn't wind-resistant and bearing-like, but unless you're flying an open-cockpit fighter at 150 mph, who cares? It looks nice.

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    haha! thanks for the little history, because i did not know that! :)

    Yay, more stuff from you! Great job, it looks great, I bet your brother loves it. :-) +1 rating. :-)